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käsite, YSO-käsite, AFO-käsite, Avainsana: ravinto


altLabel kost
cc C30 kotielaintiede, C60 elintarviketieteet
definedConcept Y4447
fte food, nourishment, nutriment
liittyy (food) taster, (pregnant woman) taking special food, Christ ministered by angel(s): they bring water and food, sometimes sent by Mary, Daniel (and his friends) asking Melzar for special food, David brings provisions to his brothers, who are with the Israelite army in the valley of Elah, David receives beds, vessels, food and other presents from Shobi, Machir, and Barzillai, Elijah asks the widow of Zarephath to fetch him some food, Esau, returning hungry from the hunt, sells his first birthright to Jacob for a pottage of lentils, Gideon's army, three hundred warriors, take up victuals and their trumpets, Isaac lying in bed blesses Jacob who, disguised in Esau's clothes, brings food to his father; Jacob's hands and neck are covered with goatskins, Jewish dietary laws (Leviticus 11, 19:23-24, 23:14; Deuteronomy 12:15-28), Job's wife bringing food; she usually reaches out bread on a pole while holding her nose ; Job's friends may be present, Joosef ruokkii veljensä talossaan: veljien hämmästys kun heidät on sijoitettu istumaan ikäjärjestyksessä; Benjaminia kunnioitetaan ylimääräisellä ruolla, Joseph provides food for his father, brothers and family, King Cyrus sets food before the image of Bel; Daniel and his servants strew ashes on the floor of the temple, Malachi condemning the practice of offering polluted food as sacrifice (Malachi 1:6-14), Moses and Aaron promise food to the people, St. Brigid multiplying food, apostles gather the pieces left over ~ multiplication of loaves and fishes, elintarvikkeet, food (in the army), food rationing (~ government services), food ~ lures (hunting), foodstuffs ~ crafts and industries, giving alms or other charity, e.g.: handing out food, giving food, housewife apportioning food, industries ~ food, drink, stimulants, jumalten ruoat ja juomat, kitchen-interior with foodstuffs in foreground (Dutch: 'keukenstuk'), käsityöläiset ~ ruoka, maito, mysterious phenomena and occurrences ~ food and drink, offering of food and drink ~ Jewish religion, other preparations for Judith's plan e.g.: Judith and her maidservant take their own food with them, ravinto, ruoka, ravitsemus, ruoat, ruoka, ruoka-aineet, ruoka-asetelma, ruokavaliot, stay of Aeneas on the Strophades Islands: fight with the Harpies that befoul the crew's food, ten servants sent by David come to Nabal to ask for food; Nabal and his men may be shown shearing sheep, the Egyptian slave receives food and drink in David's encampment, the Greek fleet is supplied by Anius, king of Delos, and his daughters, the angel refuses to accept food from Manoah (second annunciation of Samson's birth), the apostles bring food to Christ, the feast in Samuel's house; Saul receives an extra portion of food, the leave-taking of Rebekah; Laban gives her provisions, the miracle of the wooden chips: when St. Godeleva is caught carrying food in her dress for the poor, her apron appears to be full of woodchips, the people of Gibeon, fearing Joshua and his men, decide to deceive them: they load their donkeys with worn-out sacks, they put on ragged clothes and old sandals and take decaying food, the prophet Habakkuk, carried by his hair by an angel, brings food to Daniel who sits unharmed between the lions, the punishment of Phineus by the gods: he is blinded and suffers perpetual hunger since the Harpies steal and befoul his food, the witch of Endor serves Saul a meal, violent death by poison in food, water is changed into wine, when St. Homobonus refills his flask after having given away all his food and drink to a beggar
lisätiedot kaikki elävän olennon hyväkseen käyttämät aineet, jotka ovat välttämättömiä elämän ylläpitoa, kasvua ja lisääntymistä varten
nimi föda, nourishment, ravinto
on sama kuin Ravinto
prefLabel föda, nourishment, ravinto
rtx elintarvikkeet, elintarvikkeet kulutus, ruoat, ruoka, ruoka-aineet
vastaa p3671, ravinto, ravinto, ravinto
yläluokka aine käytön mukaan
ysoSource Ravitsemusalan sanasto

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