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MAO-käsite, käsite, Iconclass-luokkakäsite: juominen


Iconclass-tunnus 41 C 12
date 20.11.2003
laajempi käsite syöminen ja juominen
liittyy (perhe) ateria, Aeneas sees ghosts drinking at the river Lethe, Alexander on his sick-bed is presented with a potion by his physician Philip; while drinking it, he gives Philip a letter to read, in which Parmenio advises Alexander to beware of his physician, Artemisia, queen of Caria, drinks from a cup the ashes of her husband Mausolus mixed in liquid, Boaz is eating and drinking, Diogenes throws away his drinking-cup on seeing a boy drink from his cupped hands, Holofernes drinks too much, and falls asleep on the bed, Mary drinking the water of ordeal before the high priest, Moses melts the calf, grinds the gold into fine powder, mixes it with water and makes the people drink it, Moses strikes the rock twice in front of the assembled people and water gushes out; the people quench their thirst, Polystratus, a Macedonian soldier, finds the dying Darius, who had been stabbed by Bessus, and gives him water to drink, Samson drinks from the ass's jaw-bone after having slain a thousand Philistines, Samson drinks water from a well after having slain a thousand Philistines, Ulysses' companions changed into swine: when they drink from the cup offered by Circe, the enchantress, Ulysses' companions change into swine (Ovid, Metamorphoses XIV 276), a fountain springs up from the writings of St. John Chrysostom; the faithful drink from the water, a little boy (Abas, Ascalabus, or Stellio) laughs at Ceres, because she drinks too avidly while she is resting at an old woman's house, activities of vampire, e.g. drinking blood, animals eating and drinking, animals eating and drinking, animals eating and drinking, animals eating and drinking, banquet of Mark Antony and Cleopatra: she dissolves a pearl in a cup of wine, which she then drinks, death of Tiresias: he dies after drinking from a cold fountain, eating and drinking ~ festive activities, eläimet syömässä ja juomassa, gastronomy, the art of eating and drinking, juominen, majatalo, kestikievari, kapakka, pub, taking (particular) foodstuffs: eating, drinking, smoking, chewing, etc., the dying Tydeus gulps the brains from Melanippus' skull; Minerva withdraws in disgust, the four lepers start eating, drinking and looting the Syrian camp, those who lap water by putting their hand to their mouth are separated from those who kneel down to drink the water ~ selection of Gideon's men
luoja lkm, Suvi Kettula
nimi drinking, juominen
on sama kuin not 41C12
suppeampi käsite giving drink, pouring, thirst
vastaa juominen, juominen
yläluokka kulutus ja käyttö

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