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käsite, Avainsana, Iconclass-avainkäsite, AAT-käsite: pukeutuminen


Processes that follow the tanning or tawing of hide or skin, or the stretching and drying of skin that is to be made into parchment, in order to modify it to meet specific needs.

Iconclass-tunnus 41 D(+5)
id 300053945
kuvaus Processes that follow the tanning or tawing of hide or skin, or the stretching and drying of skin that is to be made into parchment, in order to modify it to meet specific needs.
laajempi käsite hide and skin processing, key 41D
liittyy 'Torah Wimpel', band or cloth used at circumcision, 'Yom Kippur' prayer in the synagogue; male worshippers wearing a white gown ('kittel') and a 'Yom Kippur' cap, 'manus velatae' (hands covered with a cloth), 'they part my garments' ~ soldiers casting lots for Christ's clothes, Achan confesses to have taken from the spoils a garment and some silver and gold, Adam and Eve are clothed by God, Bathsheba being prepared for a visit to Solomon, Christ collecting his clothes after the flagellation, David robbing and murdering, plundering sheep, cattle, asses, camels and garments, Esther makes her toilet, Esther puts on her royal robes (Esther 5:1, 15:1-2), Esther sends Mordecai some clothes; he refuses them, Gehazi overtakes Naaman's chariot; he receives two talents and garments, which he conceals in Elisha's house, Hanun, king of the Ammonites, mistreats David's messengers: their beards are shaven off and their clothes are cut off, Hazael kills Benhadad: he soaks a cloth in water and smothers the king with it, Holofernes' head is put on a dish, and covered with a cloth, Hypsicratea cuts her hair and puts on man's clothes in order to follow her husband Mithridates when he has to flee before Pompey, Jezebel's toilet: she dresses her hair and paints her eyes, Jonathan gives his robe and garments to David to confirm their friendship, Joseph cutting some of his clothes to swathe the Christ-child, Judith making toilet for the meal with Holofernes, Judith's toilet; she puts on her finest clothes, Kristus ratsastaa Jerusalemiin: ihmiset levittävät vaatteitaan aasilla ratsastavan Kristuksen tielle ja heiluttavat palmunoksia (Matt. 21:1-11, 21:14-16; Mark. 11:1-11; Luuk. 19:28-40; Joh. 12:12-19), Lambert(us), martyr bishop of Maastricht and patron of Liège; possible attributes: arrow, bear, cloth with flames, lance, nobleman under crozier, rationale, sword, two armed men under feet, Mary making garments for the poor and the priests, Mary tearing off a piece of her mantle, Moses removes Aaron's priestly robes and puts them on Eleazar, Nehemiah shakes out his garment, Peter is shown the clothings made by Tabitha, Peter's vision of the unclean beasts on the roof of the house of Simon the Tanner: a sheet descends from heaven full of four-footed beasts, creeping things and fowl of the air, Potiphar's wife catches Joseph by his robe, usually while lying in bed; Joseph escapes leaving his cloak behind in her hands (possibly with a naked child lying in a crib), Psyche is attended by invisible hands; the toilet of Psyche, Ruth's toilet before going to Boaz, Samson goes to Ashkelon, slays thirty Philistines and takes their garments, Semiramis called to arms while making her toilet; she dashes to the battle-field leaving her hair in disorder, St. Elisabeth giving clothes to the sick and the poor people, St. Francis of Assisi cuts St. Clare's hair and gives her the habit of the Order, St. Francis of Assisi rejects his earthly heritage; standing before the bishop he gives his fine clothes to his father; the bishop covers Francis with his cloak, St. Homobonus clothes the poor, St. Hyacinth of Poland receives the habit of the Dominican Order from St. Dominic, St. Ivo as patron of lawyers, wearing gown and cap, St. Thomas of Villanueva as a child gives his clothes to the poor, St. Vincent Ferrer, kneeling, receives the habit of the Dominican Order, St. William of Aquitaine receives the habit from Benedict of Aniane, Tobit gives clothing to the naked, altar-cloths, e.g. veil covering the altar at Lent, baby in swaddling clothes, ballet dress, bath-robe, dressing-gown, cloth finishing, clothes for official occasions, clothes manufacture, clothing industry, clothing (~ knighting ceremony), clothing the naked, 'nudus vestitur' ~ one of the (seven) Acts of Mercy, cloths used in the church, costume, costume party ~ festive activities, cover for table, etc., despoiling corpse of its valuables or vestments, doll's clothes, dress regulations ~ anti-semitism, dress, gown, dressing baby, dressing oneself, getting dressed, dressing someone else, dressing the bride, equipment, outfit (sports, games, etc.), finding of the relics of St. Francis of Assisi by pope Nicholas V: the saint is seen standing in his tomb, upright, in habit, with the stigmata, four men are appointed to provide the Judaean prisoners with clothing and food, and all the prisoners are taken back to Judah ~ Ahaz' war with Syria and Israel, gifts of clothing, gold and jewellery are offered to Rebekah's parents, habit, frock, healings caused by touching the shirt of St. Philip Benizzi, hearse-cloth, hearse-pall, 'pannus funeralis', historical costume, home making of clothes, hunting weapons, equipment, outfit, kansanpuku, kansallispuku, legal dress, lepäävä Venus, linen, cloth ~ arts, linen, cloth ~ ornaments, liturgical vestments, canonicals, making toilet, mantle, gown, dress (symbol of sovereignty), mask, mask-costume ~ American Indian ritual objects, mask, mask-costume ~ Australian and Polynesian/Melanesian ritual objects, mask, mask-costume ~ non-Christian ritual objects, mourning dress, muoti, vaatetus, nightwear: night-gown, on being detected in giving away bread to the poor, St. Di(a)dacus opens his habit, which is found to be full of roses, one of the fleeing disciples of Christ is nearly seized, but makes good his escape half dressed, or naked, partially clothed, preparation of the bride (Andromeda), preparation of the corpse, mortuary toilet ~ burial, preparations, e.g. the prodigal son is given new robes; slaughtering of the fatted calf; the elder son objects, professional clothes, professional clothes of artist, professional clothes of scholar, scientist, professional clothes ~ crafts and industries, pukeminen, riisuminen, ...
nimi dressing, dressing, putting on clothes, pukeutuminen, puku, vaate, vaatetus, vaatteet
related to leather dressing
vastaa key 41D 5, p300053945, pukeutuminen, puku, vaate, vaatetus, vaatteet

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