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käsite, YSO-käsite, asiasana: pakeneminen


AAT-näkymä Teema
Kaunokki-tunnus 42368, 48480
altLabel pakeneminen
definedConcept Y16477
koodi 42368, 48480
kuuluu sanastoon kaunokki-ontologia
liittyy 'Pius Aeneas': Aeneas pakenee palavasta Troijasta, taluttaen poikaansa Ascaniusta ja kantaen selässään isäänsä Anchisesta Penateksen kanssa; hänen vaimonsa Creusa, joka lähtee heidän mukanaan, katoaa matkalla, 'psalm of David when he fled from Absalom his son' ~ David fleeing from Absalom, Abiathar, son of Ahimelech, escapes from the slaughter, Abner, put to flight, is pursued by Joab's brother Asahel, Absalom's flight, Absalom, put to flight on a mule, remains hanging by his hair in an oak-tree, Acis and Galatea flee from Polyphemus, who seizes a rock to crush Acis, Adoram is stoned to death; Rehoboam escapes in his chariot to Jerusalem, Adrastus escapes on Arion, the winged horse, Aeneas back to the war; Juturna, in the guise of the charioteer Metiscus, darts away with Turnus to evade Aeneas, Ahaziah, pursued by Jehu and his men, flees in his chariot; he is mortally wounded but manages to reach the city of Megiddo where he dies shortly afterwards, Alcmaeon flees, pursued by the Furies, Anna flees from Carthage after the death of Dido, Aristomenes escaping from prison, Asenath and her life-guards are attacked by the men of Dan and Gad, who joined the conspiracy of Pharaoh's son; Asenath manages to escape in her chariot with Benjamin, Britomartis, running away from Minos, jumps from a cliff into the sea, Cloelia and her companions escape Porsena's camp: she crosses the Tiber on horseback and persuades her companions to swim after her, Creusa flees to an altar from Ion's vengeance; the cradle in which Ion had been exposed is brought in and brings about recognition between mother and son, Daniel sees a man clothed in linen appear on the river; his companions do not see the vision, but feel the earth quaking and flee in terror, David escapes through a window; Michal lets him down with the help of a rope, David flees from Jerusalem, leaving behind ten concubines, David flees from his house, David flees from the palace, David flees to Samuel in Ramah, David orders his court to flee, Ehud escapes while the servants wait outside the locked doors, Elijah flees into the wilderness (desert), Elisabeth and John seek refuge in a cave during their flight from the massacre of the innocents, Eurydice, while fleeing from Aristaeus, is killed by a snake, Hadad, son of the king of Edom, escapes to Egypt, Hagar flees into the desert, Horatius Cocles at the Pons Sublicius: single-handed he keeps the Etruscans at bay while the bridge is broken down by the Romans behind him; he escapes by jumping into the Tiber, Idas carries away Marpessa from the midst of a band of dancers; they escape from Evenus in Idas' winged chariot, a gift from Neptune, Iphigenia, Orestes and Pylades flee with the stolen image of Diana, Jacob's flight from Laban (Genesis 31:1-21), Jehoram and his officers are surrounded by the Edomite army but during the night they manage to break out and escape, Jeroboam flees to Egypt, Joab flees to the Tabernacle and takes hold of the horns of the altar, Johanan and the rest of the Judaeans flee to Egypt (Jeremiah 41:16-18), Jonathan's army is put to flight, Lot, seeing the destruction of the cities and fearing for his safety in Zoar, flees with his daughters to a cave in the mountains, Lotis changed into a lotus-plant: while fleeing from Priapus, Lotis is changed into a lotus-plant (Ovid, Metamorphoses IX 347), Lucius Albinius receives the Vestals into his carriage when they flee from Rome which the Gauls had sacked, Medea kills her two children; she flees from Corinth in a chariot drawn by winged dragons, Moses flees to Midian, Myrrha changed into a myrtle-tree: when fleeing from her father's wrath, Myrrha is changed into a myrtle-tree (Ovid, Metamorphoses X 489), Phrixus and Helle escape on the ram, Pitys changed into a pine-tree: while fleeing from Pan, Pitys is changed into a pine-tree, Potiphar's wife catches Joseph by his robe, usually while lying in bed; Joseph escapes leaving his cloak behind in her hands (possibly with a naked child lying in a crib), Pyhä Yrjö ja lohikäärme: puettuna haarniskaan ja ratsastaen (valkoisella) hevosella hän heiluttaa miekkaansa (hänen peitsensä makaa jo katkenneena maassa); prinsessa lähistöllä saatetaan esittää rukoilemassa tai pakenemassa, Rahab, whose house was built in the city wall, lets the spies down from the window by means of a red rope, Rebekah advises Jacob to flee, Scylla fleeing from Glaucus, Sisera flees to the tent of Jael, who goes out to meet him, Sodoman ja Gomorran tuho: Lootin ja hänen perheensä pako Sooariin, kantaen tavaroitaan; enkeli näyttää mahdollisesti tietä (Genesis 19:24-29), St. Barbara flees from the tower, with her father in pursuit, and hides in a cleft in a rock, St. Christopher is brought before the king, who flees in terror from his throne, St. Thomas Becket flees from town on horseback; the people mock him and cut off the tail of his horse, St. Vitus, together with his tutor Modestus and his nurse Crescentia, escapes from his father's wrath in a boat steered by an angel, Syrinx changed into a reed: while fleeing from Pan, the nymph Syrinx is changed into reed by her sisters, the Naiads (Ovid, Metamorphoses I 705), Thisbe, fleeing from a lioness, drops her veil (the scene may be situated near a fountain), Turnus is cut off by the Trojans, but escapes by plunging into the river, Ulysses escapes from Charybdis by clinging to a fig-tree, Venus and Cupid escape on the back of two fishes when the gods flee from Typhon, Venus flees to Olympus (because she has been wounded in the hand by Diomedes), at the river Jordan the fleeing Ephraimites are killed when they pronounce Shibboleth as Sibboleth, death of Ino: she leaps with Melicertes from a rock into the sea, to escape Athamas, death of Pandareus and his wife: while fleeing for the wrath of Jupiter, they are killed by the god, disciples let Paul down the wall of the city in a basket, elopement, running away, escape from prison, escape, escape attempts, escape, escape attempts (of a slave), flight into Egypt and miracles during the journey, flight of Amphiaraus; he is swallowed up by the earth, flight of St. Dympna with the priest Gerebernus in a boat, flight of ruler from adversary, flight of the Midianites, flight of the government or its adherents, karkaaminen, maanpako, man in flight (one-sided courting), miracle of the rod changed into a serpent ; Moses may be shown fleeing from the serpent, pakeneminen, pakeneva nainen (yksipuolinen kosiskelu), pako, pakeneminen, pakoilu, pakolaiset, evakot, putting the enemy to flight, runaway child, seven exorcists, sons of Sceva, are beaten by a man with an evil spirit, and flee, six hundred Benjamites flee to the rock of Rimmon, takaa-ajo, the Assyrians take flight ~ Judith and Holofernes, the Israelites flee from their cities, the Israelites flee to Mount Gilboa, the Muses flee from Pyreneus and transform themselves into birds (Pyreneus, trying to catch them, falls down to death from the top of a tower), the Philistines in flight after the death of Goliath are pursued by the Israelites, the Pleiades fleeing from Orion, the Rechabites flee to Jerusalem, the Syrians defeated again; Benhadad escapes into the city of Aphek, ...
lisätiedot 1) poistua nopeasti tai salaa vaaran tm. epämieluisan seikan uhatessa, lähteä pakoon, karkuun, karata; 2) piileskellä, kaihtaa, karttaa, vältellä
nimi escape, flykt, pakeneminen, pako, pakomatkat
on sama kuin keyword174340055179
prefLabel escape, flykt, pako
vastaa keyword174340291593, p12270, pakeneminen, pako
yläluokka liikkuminen
ysoSource Suomen kielen perussanakirja

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