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käsite, YSO-käsite, Iconclass-avainkäsite, AAT-käsite: puhuminen


The act of expressing or describing thoughts, feelings, or perceptions by the articulation of words

Iconclass-tunnus 31(+9321)
altLabel prat, puhuminen
definedConcept Y4187
id 300055195
kuvaus The act of expressing or describing thoughts, feelings, or perceptions by the articulation of words
laajempi käsite psychological concepts, puhuttelu
liittyy 'Pantocrator', Kristus (rintakuvana), tehden puhuvan tai siunaavan eleen ja pidellen kirjaa, 'my mouth shall speak of wisdom' ~ John Chrysostom, Alexander listens to Darius' last words, Balaam strikes his ass, whereupon the ass lies down and starts to speak, Benaiah speaks to Joab; Joab refuses to come out of the Tabernacle, Christ-child making speaking or blessing gestures ~ Madonna-representations, Communication of Thought (answer and question), Communication of Thought (qualitative aspects), David speaks to Uriah, Elihu joins the three friends of Job and delivers his speech (Job 32-37), Jeremiah defends himself in a speech, Jeremiah's speech to King Zedekiah, Midas' barber, unable to keep the secret of Midas' ass's ears, whispers it into a hole in the ground; reeds grow from this hole and disclose Midas' secret to all the world when moved by the wind, Paul's farewell speech to the elders of Ephesus, Psammetichus' experiment on the antiquity of language: he has two children confined and entrusted to the care of shepherds who are ordered not to speak to them, Saul's soldiers come to David's house; Michal tells them that David is ill, Tobit speaking to Tobias, address at open grave, address, speech during meal, banquet, death of Tobit: on his deathbed he speaks to Tobias and his seven sons (Tobit 14), huuliltaluku, in his palace of cedar, David speaks with Nathan, inaugural address ~ university, last talk with relatives (during last hours before execution), last words and last favours, nuncupate, learning to talk, miracle of the talking ass, oral revolutionary action, puhuminen, speaking, speech of Solomon, speech, address ~ festive activities, the oath of Julius Claudius Civilis: during a meal he induces his people to revolt against the Romans, the speech of Shechaniah, while a minstrel plays, Elisha tells the three kings to dig ditches, and says that God will give them victory
nimi puhe, puhuminen, speaking, speech, talet -- språkljud
prefLabel puhe, speech, talet -- språkljud
vastaa key 31 9321, p2492, p300055195, puhe, puhuminen
yläluokka puheviestintä

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