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käsite, YSO-koostekäsite, Iconclass-avainkäsite: kaupungit (kooste)


Iconclass-tunnus 44 A(+4)
altLabel kaupungit
laajempi käsite key 44A
liittyy 'a city set on a hill cannot be hid' ~ proverbial saying of Christ (Matthew 5:14), Abijah defeats Jeroboam and occupies some of his cities (2 Chronicles 13:14-19), Achior is tied to a tree near the city of Bethuliah, David receives Ziklag as dwelling place, Jair's thirty sons who rode on thirty ass colts, and had thirty cities, Solomon makes Hiram a gift of twenty cities in Galilee, St. George leads the dragon into the city after having bound it with the princess' girdle, a heron springs from the ashes of the city of Ardea (Ovid, Metamorphoses XIV 580), asuminen kaupungissa, by drawing lots, Joshua, Eleazar and the leaders of the tribes of Israel assign cities to the Levites (Joshua 21), cities and islands in the sky, contrast between urban and rural life; city dweller versus country dweller, defence of fortification or city, destruction of conquered city, fortified city, heaven represented as a city, hell represented as (ruined) city, (ruined) castle, inside the besieged city, kaupungit (kooste), kaupunki; 'veduta', kaupunkiallegoriat ja -symbolit, kaupunkien ja kylien nimet, maps of cities, municipal government, on the advice of the people David stays behind in the city of Mahanaim, personification of a city, town-patron(ess), portrait of Alexander cut out of Mount Athos, representing him holding a town in one hand, and pouring a river from the other hand, symbols (of Mary) from litanies (with TEXT), the Philistines occupy the cities of the Israelites, the cities of refuge (Joshua 20)
nimi city; municipal, kaupungit (kooste), kaupungit_kooste, kaupunki
overlappedByDefinition 1.0
overlapsDefinition 1.0
prefLabel kaupungit (kooste)
suppeampi käsite city; municipal (with NAME of city)
vastaa kaupunki, key 44A 4, p10707

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