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käsite, YSO-käsite, asiasana, Avainsana, Iconclass-luokkakäsite, Iconclass-avainkäsite, AAT-käsite: itsemurha


AAT-näkymä Teema
Iconclass-tunnus 31 E 23 8, 31 E 23(+7)
Kaunokki-tunnus 43370
definedConcept Y1508
id 300069678
koodi 43370
kuuluu sanastoon kaunokki-ontologia
laajempi käsite deaths, key 31E23, väkivaltainen kuolema, tapetuksi tuleminen
liittyy Aesacus changed into a diving bird: in despair for having caused the death of Hesperia (or Asterope), Aesacus throws himself into the sea and is changed into a diving bird by Tethys (Ovid, Metamorphoses XI 783), Ahitophel hangs himself, Ajax' blood changed into a hyacinth: after Ajax has taken his own life, his blood is changed into a hyacinth (Ovid, Metamorphoses X 207; XIII 390), Antigone hangs herself in her tomb, Arachne changed into a spider: when hanging herself after having been defeated in a weaving contest with Minerva, Arachne is changed into a spider by the goddess (Ovid, Metamorphoses VI 135), Cleite, wife to Cyzicus, hangs herself, Cygnus, son of Apollo, changed into a swan: because his friend Phil(l)ius refused to give him the bull captured by the help of Hercules, Cycnus, the son of Apollo, leaps off a cliff, and is changed into a swan (Ovid, Metamorphoses VII 371), Daedalion changed into a hawk: while leaping from a cliff, crazed by the death of his daughter Chione, Daedalion is changed into a hawk by Apollo (Ovid, Metamorphoses XI 339), Eurydice, wife of Creon, kills herself on hearing of Haemon's death, Evenus, in desperation, after killing his horses throws himself into the river that bears his name, Haemon kills himself, Jocasta hangs herself, Judas hanging himself, Kleopatran kuolema: hän tekee itsemurhan pitämällä rintaansa vasten aspiskäärmettä, jonka hän on ottanut viikunakorista, Lucretian kuolema: hän tekee itsemurhan työntämällä tikarin rintaansa, Nisus changed into a fish-hawk: when killing himself after having been betrayed by his daughter Scylla, Nisus is changed into a fish-hawk (Ovid, Metamorphoses VIII 145), Omri, Elah's army commander, attacks Zimri in the city of Tirzah; when Zimri sees that the city has fallen he sets the palace on fire and dies in the flames, Paris' death and burial; Oenone kills herself, Phyllis changed into an almond-tree: after having killed herself in despair for Demophon's absence, Phyllis is changed into an almond-tree, Pyramus finds the bloody veil and in despair stabs himself with his sword (the scene may be situated near a fountain), Sardanapaloksen kuolema: ennenkuin hän polttaa itsensä palatsissaan kaikkien aarteidensa kanssa, hän tapattaa haareminsa ja hevosensa, Saul kills himself with a sword, Saul's armour-bearer kills himself, Scylla throws herself into the sea, Spargapises, Tomyris' son, is tricked by Cyrus into partaking of a feast; when his men appear to have been slaughtered by Cyrus in their drunken sleep, he kills himself, Theseus' ship, with black sails, approaches Athens; Aegeus casts himself into the sea, Thisbe kills herself with Pyramus' sword (the scene may be represented near a fountain), animal(s) killing itself (themselves), animal(s) killing itself (themselves), animal(s) killing itself (themselves), animal(s) killing itself (themselves), animal(s) killing itself (themselves), death of Arria: to show her husband how to die she stabs herself and hands her husband the dagger with the words 'Paete non dolet', death of Canace: she kills herself with the sword sent by her father, death of Charondas, lawgiver of Thurium: he kills himself because he inadvertently broke his own law, by carrying a sword in the assembly, death of Cinyras: Cinyras kills himself when he realizes that he has committed incest with his daughter Myrrha, death of Democles: he throws himself into a cauldron of boiling water rather than submit to the love of the tyrant Demetrius, death of Dido; she climbs the funeral pyre and falls upon the sword of Aeneas, death of Empedocles: the philosopher leaps into the crater of Etna, death of Erigone: she hangs herself, death of Harmonia, daughter of Gelon of Syracuse: to save Harmonia, a girl dressed in her robes is substituted for her and is exposed to the swords of the enemy; Harmonia cannot bear the sight of it and has herself killed too, death of Hasdrubal's wife: she throws herself and her two children into the flames of the temple of Aesculapius, which she had set on fire, to show her contempt at her husband's surrender to Scipio, death of Hippo: upon being ravished, she kills herself by jumping from the ship, death of Ino: she leaps with Melicertes from a rock into the sea, to escape Athamas, death of Iphis, a youth of Salamis: desperate for the love of Anaxarete he hangs himself at her door, death of Laodamia: when her father burns the statue she throws herself into the flames and perishes, death of Marcus Porcius Cato the Younger surnamed Uticensis: he stabs himself on his couch, after reading Plato's Phaedo; he may be seen tearing out his entrails, death of Mark Antony: he dies after having stabbed himself: Cleopatra grieves at his bedside, death of Metius Curtius, the Sabine general: when pursued on horseback by Romulus he jumps into a swamp, death of Mithridates the Great: after having been betrayed by his son Pharnaces, he and his wife Hypsicratea commit suicide, death of P. Quintilius Varus: after being defeated he kills himself with a sword, death of Panthea: after the death of her husband Abradates, Panthea stabs herself with a dagger; Cyrus may be trying to stop her, death of Phaedra: after the death of Hippolytus, she hangs herself, death of Phyllis: desperate at the delay of her lover, she hangs herself or throws herself into the sea, death of Plautius: at the death of his wife Orestilla, Plautius in despair stabs himself with his sword; his body is put on the pyre of his wife, death of Porcia: after her husband has killed himself Porcia stuffs her mouth with burning coal, death of Razis: when Nicanor's troops attack the gate of Jerusalem, the old Razis throws himself from the wall down into the crowd; severely wounded, he takes his entrails in both hands and flings them at the crowd (2 Maccabees 14:37-46), death of Sappho: the poetess, desperate for the love of Phaon, throws herself from the Leucadian rock, death of Seneca: at Nero's order he cuts his veins, usually sitting in a basin or bath of water, and then takes a dose of poison, death of T. Jubellius Taurea: he courageously kills his wife and children, and finally himself, before the tribunal of Fulvius Flaccus, to show that he prefers to die rather than benefit from the clemency of the Senate, death of the Cecropides: terrified at seeing the serpent-shaped Erichthonius, they throw themselves down from the Acropolis, itsemurha, itsemurhaiskut, itsemurhayritykset, itsetuho, murha, suicide of Ajax, suicide of Egeas, suicide of Hirtacus, the Trojans attack Laurentium; Amata hangs herself, the dead champions are buried: Evadne, Capaneus' wife, throws herself on her husband's funeral pyre, the drowned Leander is borne away, usually by Nereids, towards Hero; the latter possibly jumps to her death into the sea, the sphinx throws itself from the rock ~ Oedipus solving the riddle
nimi itsemurha, seeking death, suicide, självmord, suicide, suicides
on sama kuin not 31E238, p300069678
prefLabel itsemurha, självmord, suicide
suppeampi käsite attempted suicide, joukkoitsemurha, kaksoisitsemurha, self-sacrifice, death in the service of a higher purpose, self-sacrifice, death in the service of a higher purpose, suicide out of despair, suicide out of despair
vastaa itsemurha, itsemurha, key 31E23 7, keyword174340341251, p15369
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