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käsite, YSO-käsite: pää


definedConcept Y9994
liittyy 'Acephalia', 'Blemyae', i.e. beings without head, 'Mater Dolorosa', 'caput triciput', 'signum triceps', (ihmisen) pää, Abimelech is struck on the head by a millstone thrown by a woman, Ahab's descendants are slain and their heads are piled up in two heaps at the city gate, Alcon, the famous archer, shoots rings off people's heads, Alexander has Spitamenes' wife, who came to bring him the severed head of her husband, expelled from the camp, Amnon sends Tamar away; Tamar puts ashes on her head, rends her garment, lays her hand on her head and leaves crying, Augustus beats his head on the wall at the news of Quintilius Varus' defeat, shouting 'Quintili redde legiones', Baanah and Rechab bring Ish-bosheth's head to David; David enraged about Ish-bosheth's death, Carna (Cardea, Crane): she bids Janus to go before her into a cave, intending to run away from him once his back is turned; but the scheme fails with the two-faced god, Christ's head is anointed by Mary (Magdalene), David ascends the Mount of Olives, weeping, barefoot and his head covered, David with Goliath's head, David's triumph: the women of Israel come out to welcome David, singing, dancing, and playing tambourines and lyres; David holding the head of Goliath, Eve in the shape of a serpent with a woman's head, Evenus beats all the suitors of his daughter Marpessa in a chariot race and nails their heads to the walls of his palace, Fulvia maltreats the severed head of Cicero: she pierces his tongue with a needle, Geryon, the monster with three bodies and three heads, as personification of Concord, Hannibal with the head of Hasdrubal, which was thrown into his camp by the Romans, Hecate triformis, mutta vain kolmipäisenä, Hercules kills Geryon, the monster with three heads and three bodies, after having slain the herdsman Eurytion, and Orthrus, the two-headed watch-dog, Herodias desecrates the head of John the Baptist by piercing the tongue, Holofernes' head is hung on the city wall, Ish-bosheth's head buried in Abner's grave, Jael kills the sleeping Sisera by hitting the nail through his temples, Januksen pää, kaksikasvoinen pää, Joab returns to Jerusalem with Sheba's head, Joshua is chosen as successor to Moses, who places his hands on Joshua's head in front of Eleazar the high priest and the assembled congregation (Numbers 27:18-23), Judith shows Holofernes' head to the people, Judith with Holofernes' head and the sword, Kristuksen kaste Jordan-joessa: Johannes Kastaja kaataa vettä Kristuksen päähän: Pyhä Henki laskeutuu alas, Kristus orjantappurakruunu päässään, Nicanor's head and hand hung near Jerusalem, Oreb and Zeeb are captured and killed by the Ephraimites; their heads are brought to Gideon, Paul's head, found by shepherds, is reunited with the corpse, Salome gives the head of John the Baptist to her mother, Salomelle tuodaan Johannes Kastajan pää vadilla, Sheba's head is thrown over the wall of the city, St. Cecilia with the heads of Valerian and Tiburtius, St. Cyricus' head is dashed against the steps of the judge's tribunal; St. Julitta is beheaded, St. Margaret of Cortona prays before a crucifix; the head of Christ bends forward, St. Pantaleon is tied to an olive-tree and his hands are nailed upon his head, St. Quintin is tortured with nails in his head, shoulders, and/or under his fingernails, St. Theresa sees a dove, that perches on her head or shoulder, Tetramorph: human figure with four different heads (human head, ox, eagle, lion), Tomyris orders the head of the fallen Cyrus to be cut off and dipped into a vessel of human blood, i.e. the vengeance of Tomyris, Trinity represented as a person with three heads, Xanthippe pours water over Socrates' head, a bear or a wolf guards the head of St. Edmund, a miracle occurs in Aeneas' house: Ascanius' head catches fire but it does not harm him, a red-hot helmet is put on St. Christopher's head, a snake is turned into stone by Apollo as it attacks Orpheus' severed head washed ashore (Ovid, Metamorphoses XI 58), animals used symbolically, baking the head, e.g. by the baker of Eeclo (heads temporarily replaced by cabbages), baring the head, lifting one's hat, carrying something on the head or on the shoulders, cross with head or bust of Christ, death of Jason: a beam falls upon his head, death of Pyrrhus: when he marches with his army into Argos a battle ensues in which Pyrrhus is killed by a woman, who throws a stone from the top of a house, deformations of the head, diseases of the head or parts of the head, eläimet, joilla on ihmisen pää, five Franciscan friars (Accursius, Adiutus, Benardus, Otto, and Petrus) are martyred by a sultan, who splits their skulls with a scimitar and beheads them, foliated head ~ ornament, gripping someone by the head, hand behind the head, head and face, head and face, head and face, head and face, head and face, head and face, head of Bartholomew, head of Judas ~ instruments of the Passion, head of a beheaded person, head of the executed displayed in public, head of the executed shown to a few people, head or (parts of) face, head, face, head, face, head, face, head, face, head, face, head, face, head, face, head, face, head, face, head, face, head, face, head, face, holding Troilus' head, Achilles is attacked by Trojan warriors, kasvot, kerubit, eli lasten päät siipien kanssa, lying face downwards with hands under the head, lying on the back with hands under the head, nails are driven into the heads of St. Cyricus and St. Julitta, only the heads of Christ and Mary ~ Christ mourned by Mary, postures and gestures of arms and hands in relation to the head, postures of animal forelegs, forepaws, claws in relation to the head, ...
nimi huvudet, pää
prefLabel huvudet, pää
vastaa p7887, paa
yläluokka ruumiinosat

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