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käsite, YSO-käsite, Iconclass-luokkakäsite: sielu


Iconclass-tunnus 31 G
definedConcept Y4720
laajempi käsite ihminen biologisena olentona
liittyy Christ and the Soul, Christ appears and takes Mary's soul ('assumptio animae'), Dives dies; his soul is brought into hell by devils, Enoch and Elijah receiving the souls in heaven, Hermes Psychopompos: Mercury as guide of the souls, Iris cuts a lock from Dido's hair to release her soul, Lazarus dies: his soul is carried into Abraham's lap by angels, Mary saving soul(s), Mercury brings the souls of the suitors to Hades, St. Antony Abbot sees the soul of St. Paul the Hermit being carried to heaven by angels, St. Gertrude of Nivelles interceding for the souls in Purgatory, St. Gregory the Great releasing souls from purgatory, St. Nicholas of Tolentino interceding for the souls in purgatory, St. Odilia, kneeling down in prayer, releases the soul of her father, duke Attich, from purgatory; an angel pulls the duke out of the flames, while devils try to draw him back, St. Simon Stock interceding for the souls in purgatory, St. Theresa kneeling before Christ, interceding for the souls in purgatory, angels carry the soul of Stephen to heaven, angels rescuing a soul pursued by devils, apotheosis of Caesar; his soul is changed into a comet by Venus, death-bed of St. Henry: the weighing of his soul by the archangel Michael; devils are in one scale, St. Laurence puts a precious cup in Henry's scale, deathbed of St. Monica: the Christ-child appears and administers the Last Communion to her; angels carry her soul to heaven, glory of St. Nicholas: angels carry his soul to heaven, henki (tai sielu) ruumiin vastakohtana, legend of the monk Theophilus, who sold his soul to the devil (Mary-legend), opening of the fifth seal: white robes are given to (the souls of) the martyrs under the altar, pact with the devil, selling one's soul to the devil, psychostasis, the Archangel Michael weighing the souls in the scales (and stabbing the devil), purgatory, usually the souls praying or asking for intercession, sielu, the Archangel Michael leading a soul to heaven, the seven gifts of the soul ('les dons de l'esprit'), the soul of St. Laurence is carried to heaven by angels, trying to win souls, fishing for souls, while celebrating mass, St. Vincent de Paul sees a fiery globe ascend to heaven and unite with another one (the souls of Jane Frances of Chantal and Francis of Sales)
nimi sielu, själen, soul, the soul
on sama kuin Sielu
prefLabel sielu, själen, soul
suppeampi käsite sielu kuoleman jälkeen, the soul during death, the soul during lifetime, the soul in eternity
vastaa not 31G, p1536, sielu
yläluokka uskonnolliset ilmiöt

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