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käsite: kolme


liittyy 'a generation goes and a generation comes ...' ~ the three ages of man, 'caput triciput', 'signum triceps', 'destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up' ~ purification of the temple, 'let us make three booths (tabernacles) ...' ~ the Transfiguration, Ambrosius, Milanon piispa; mahdolliset attribuutit: mehiläispesä, kehdossa oleva lapsi, kolmisolmuinen ruoska, Christ appearing to the holy women, usually the three Maries, Cronus triformis: Saturn with three animal heads, Daniel is appointed as one of the three presidents of the kingdom, Elijah lays the child of the widow of Zarephath on his bed and three times stretches himself out on the boy, Geryon, the monster with three bodies and three heads, as personification of Concord, Hecate triformis, eli Hekate kuvattuna kolmihahmoisena, vartaloiden selät toisiaan vasten, Hecate triformis, mutta vain kolmipäisenä, Hercules kills Geryon, the monster with three heads and three bodies, after having slain the herdsman Eurytion, and Orthrus, the two-headed watch-dog, Horatiukset, kolme veljestä Roomasta (Horatiusten taru), Hosea, Gomer and the three children (Hosea 1:3-11), Joab stabs Absalom with three spears, Joash defeats Benhadad III three times, Job's children, seven sons and three daughters, John sees three unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouths of a dragon, a beast and a false prophet, Kerberos (Cerberus), kolmi- tai monipäinen koira; 'Cerbero' (Ripa), Kolme teologista hyvettä, Louis IX, king of France; possible attributes: crown of thorns, fleur-de-lis on his coat, three nails, sceptre with fleur-de-lis, model of church, hand of justice, Paul's ecstatic vision: he is borne aloft by (three) angels (2 Corinthians 12:1-3), Perseus goes to the three Graeae; while they are asleep he steals the one eye and the one tooth they share between them, Peter receives the three servants of Cornelius, Protesilaus is allowed by the gods to return to Laodamia for three hours; when he has to leave her she takes her own life, Saul meets three men in the plain of Thabor, who offer him two loaves of bread, St. Ambrose castigating Arius and his followers with a three-knotted scourge, St. Louis IX carrying relics (crown of thorns and three nails) towards the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, St. Macarius pointing out three graves to three horsemen, St. Nicholas frees three soldiers from prison by appearing to emperor Constantine in a dream; Constantine sends the three released men with gifts to St. Nicholas, St. Nicholas prevents the execution by the sword of three innocent soldiers, St. Nicholas restores to life three children who had been murdered, dismembered, and salted down in a pickling tub by an inn-keeper, Sulottaret, Gratiat (Grace, Charites), yleensä lukumäärältään kolme: kolme Sulotarta; 'Gratie' (Ripa), Thomas consecrates the three Wise Men as bishops, Three Hebrews (not in biblical context), Trinity as three persons, Trinity represented by tripartite symbols, Venus presents Hippomenes with three golden apples, agony of Christ; three (or eleven) apostles sleeping, empress Helena, mother of Constantine the Great; possible attributes: model of church, (royal) crown, crown of thorns, cross, three nails, extended representations of 'Anna selbdritt' (Joseph and Joachim, three husbands, three daughters with seven children), fabulous animals ~ hoofed animals: ox with three horns, group of three canonical Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, hirviöt, joilla on kolme eläimen päätä, human life divided into stages, e.g. three, four, seven, twelve stages (with NUMBER), kertomus kolmesta itämaan viisaasta (idän tietäjät tai kuninkaat) (Matt. 2:1-12), kolme figuuria, kolme säätyä: aatelisto, papisto, porvaristo, meeting between the (three) living and the (three) dead, numerals: 3, the Benedictine abbess Walburga (Walpurgis) of Eichstatt; possible attributes: crown, phial of oil (on book), (three) ears of corn, sceptre, pastoral staff, flowering twig, the Virgin Mary, interceding for mankind, presents St. Dominic and usually also St. Francis of Assisi to Christ; Christ brandishes three spears or arrows to destroy the sins of Pride, Avarice and Lust, the baker's dream: birds pecking at three baskets of bread, the beheading of Paul; maybe three fountains spring from his head, the bishop Nicholas of Myra (or Bari); possible attributes: anchor, boat, three golden balls (on a book), three purses, three children in a tub, three maidens, the butler's dream: the grape-vine with three branches whose fruit the butler squeezes into the king's cup, the charity of Nicholas: (dressed as a citizen) he throws three golden balls (or purses) through the window of the house of a poor nobleman; he thus prevents the three nobleman's daughters, who are shown weeping or sleeping, from prostitution, the holy women (the three Maries) on their way to or at the tomb, to anoint Christ's body, the penitent harlot Mary of Egypt (Maria Aegyptiaca); possible attributes: long hair, three loaves, the prophet Gad comes to David and gives him the choice between three punishments, the seizure of Job's camels by three bands of Chaldeans, the story of the three Hebrews in the fiery furnace (Daniel 3), the three (sometimes four) Maries together; possible attributes: jar of ointment, the three angels proclaiming the day of judgement, the three crosses are dug up near the temple of Venus ~ legend of the True Cross, the three goddesses Venus, Juno and Minerva quarrel about the golden apple; Jupiter sends them to Paris, the three kings, from Israel, Judah and Edom, consult Elisha, the three patriarchs together: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (not in biblical context), the visit of the three angels (three men) ~ story of Abraham (Genesis 18), the wife and widow of the Landgrave of Thuringia, and Franciscan Tertiary, Elisabeth of Hungary; possible attributes: beggar, cripple, fish, loaves, leper, model of church, pitcher, roses in lap, scald-head, three crowns, three daughters of Anna, all named Mary, three generations (family group), three men urged by Christ to follow him (Matthew 8:19-22; Luke 9:57-62), three nails; two for Christ's hands, one for his feet ~ particularities of crucifixion scenes, three or more clasped hands, meaning 'Unity is Strength', three persons ~ traffic and transport, three-faced being, 'vultus trifrons', three-headed beast, trivium (personification of Grammatica, Dialectica and Rhetorica), two men, on either side of the river, join the man clothed in linen who stands on the water ~ Daniel's visions, year divided into three seasons, year divided into three seasons ~ human activities, year divided into three seasons ~ landscapes, year divided into three seasons ~ other concepts (e.g. biblical scenes), year divided into three seasons ~ still lifes of flowers and/or fruits
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