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luokka, käsite, Iconclass-avainkäsite: malli


Iconclass-tunnus 48(+13)
ULAN -roolitunniste 38312/sitter
laajempi käsite taiteilija työssään
liittyy (playing with) aeroplanes with motor, Ahaz in Damascus sends to Uriah, the priest, a model of a Syrian altar; the altar is built and placed in the temple of Jerusalem, Cunegunda of Bamberg, wife of Henry II, king of Germany; possible attributes: crown, model of church, ploughshare, sceptre, David gives Solomon the plan of the temple, Louis IX, king of France; possible attributes: crown of thorns, fleur-de-lis on his coat, three nails, sceptre with fleur-de-lis, model of church, hand of justice, St. Justa and St. Rufina as protectresses of the tower of the cathedral of Sevilla, with a model of the 'Giralda', anatomiset mallit (yleensä viiden hahmon sarjana), architect offering design or model to patron, architectural design or model, artist (in general) making a model, artist (in general) making preliminary designs, sketching, building model houses, design, plan (~ production), designing, sketching ~ architect, dyeing of cloth with pattern; batik-work, empress Helena, mother of Constantine the Great; possible attributes: model of church, (royal) crown, crown of thorns, cross, three nails, fashion designer, lay-out of garden, making a model, making preliminary designs, sketching, miniature imitations (children's games and plays), model (~ production), model building (of machines or vehicles), model of ideal or visionary architectural project, model ~ architecture, model ~ crafts and industries, models ~ molecular structure, etc., painter making preliminary designs, sketching, patron handing over model of church (or chapel), pattern ~ home making of clothes, plan of battle, plan ~ architecture, plan ~ ideal or visionary architectural design or model, plan, design ~ industrial production, preliminary presentation of work of art, sketch, model, sculptor making a model, bozzetto, ship-model, stage design, surface pattern ~ ornaments, teollinen muotoilu, the 'apostle of Frisia' and archbishop of Utrecht, Willibrord (of Echternach); possible attributes: cask (barrel), well (fountain), child (on a book), model of church, stone bottles, the Dominican theologian, 'Angelic Doctor' Thomas of Aquino; possible attributes: book, (chain with) sun, dove, girdle of chastity, lily, model of church, monstrance (or chalice), mitre (under feet), star (on breast), the Holy Roman emperor Charlemagne; possible attributes: crown, model of church, orb, sceptre, sword, the Holy Roman emperor Henry II of Bamberg; possible attributes: crown, lily, model of church, orb, sceptre, sword, the abbess Gertrude of Nivelles; possible attributes: book, pastoral staff, crown, cup, demon, mouse or mice, model of church or hospital, palm, (healing) well, the hermit and pilgrim Sebald of Nuremberg; possible attributes: crown (at his feet or on book), model of church, the martyr Vitus (Veit, Guy); possible attributes: bird, cauldron, cock, dog, hare, lamp, lion, loaf, model of church, stick (or cudgel), the wife and widow of the Landgrave of Thuringia, and Franciscan Tertiary, Elisabeth of Hungary; possible attributes: beggar, cripple, fish, loaves, leper, model of church, pitcher, roses in lap, scald-head, three crowns, weaving with pattern
nimi malli, model, sitter
nimi mallit, modeller, models, sitter, taiteilijan malli
vastaa key 48 13, malli, p25589
yläluokka rooli