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käsite, YSO-käsite, asiasana, Iconclass-luokkakäsite: pilvet


AAT-näkymä Teema
Iconclass-tunnus 26 A
Kaunokki-tunnus 43002
definedConcept Y9851
koodi 43002
kuuluu sanastoon kaunokki-ontologia
laajempi käsite meteorologiset ilmiöt, sääilmiöt
liittyy Arethusa changed into a fountain: Diana changes her attendant Arethusa into a fountain, after first having hidden her in a cloud to escape Alpheus, the river-god (Ovid, Metamorphoses V 621), Athamas and Nephele, the cloud-goddess, Christ taken up by a cloud ~ Ascension, Eve in the shape of a cloud, Ixion embraces a cloud (Nephele) in the shape of Juno, Jupiter, pilveen verhoutuneena, kosiskelee tai syleilee Ioa, Inachoksen tytärtä; Juno saattaa katsella rakastavaisia, Madonna (taivaassa, ilmassa, yksin Jeesus-lapsen kanssa), Mary appears to Elijah: the prophetic cloud, Mooses on yhteydessä Herran kanssa Siinain vuorella (vuori voi olla peittyneenä sankkaan pilveen), Mount Sinai is covered by a thick cloud, thunder and lightning, Simon Magus arrives in Rome in a cloud, St. John and St. Paul as weather patrons: John holds a radiant sun or a cloud with lightning, Paul holds a raincloud with raindrops or hailstones, Taivaan muut alemmat jumaluudet ~ ilman ja taivaan piiri (NIMEN kanssa), Theseus in pursuit of Medea; she eludes him by casting a cloud about herself, and disappears in her chariot, Ulysses, shrouded in a cloud by Minerva, comes to town, where he meets King Alcinous and Queen Arete, Venus covers Aeneas and Achates with a cloud, Venus intervenes in the duel between Paris and Menelaus: she covers Paris with a cloud and leads him to his room, a cloud covers the Tabernacle, which is then filled with glory (when the cloud rises from the Tabernacle the Israelites break camp) (Exodus 40:34-38; Numbers 9:15-23), apotheosis of Romulus: while he is reviewing his troops a storm bursts and Romulus, covered by a cloud, disappears; he becomes the god Quirinus, heaven represented in the air, with clouds (in concentric circles) and light, jumalten kokoukset ja neuvonpidot ilmassa, mahdollisesti pilvien päällä, jumalten pidot (ilmassa, mahdollisesti pilvien päällä), natural forms in stones, wood, clouds, etc. interpreted as representations, pilvet, signs from heaven warn Latinus: a dense cloud of bees hangs upon the sacred laurel-tree, sitting or standing on clouds, the Ark of the Covenant is brought into the temple; a cloud fills the house of the Lord, the cloud covers the Tabernacle; as Moses and Aaron bow down before it a plague breaks out, the marriage-feast of Peleus and Thetis in the clouds, the meeting of Aeneas and Dido; when he approaches her throne, the cloud enveloping him and Achates vanishes, the mighty angel with the little open book in his hands: he is wrapped in a cloud; his legs are pillars of fire, which stand one on land and one in the sea ~ Apocalypse, the miraculous gathering of the apostles: each of them is brought on a cloud to Mary on her deathbed, the people threaten to stone Moses, Aaron, Joshua and Caleb, but suddenly the glory of God appears over the Tabernacle (the four men may be seen protected by a cloud), the servant reports he has seen a small cloud ~ story of Elijah, usva
nimi clouds, moln, pilvet, pilvi
on sama kuin Pilvet
prefLabel clouds, moln, pilvet
suppeampi käsite high clouds, low clouds and those originating from rising air currents, lower clouds, medium altitude clouds, uniformly spread high-hanging haze
vastaa keyword174340119544, not 26A, p9786, pilvi
yläluokka fysikaaliset ilmiöt

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