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käsite, YSO-käsite, asiasana, AAT-käsite: ihmeet


Events or actions so unusual, extraordinary, and surpassing rational explanation that they are regarded as manifestations of supernatural power.

AAT-näkymä Teema
Kaunokki-tunnus 43658
altLabel mirakel
definedConcept Y1401
id 300251615
koodi 43658
kuuluu sanastoon kaunokki-ontologia
kuvaus Events or actions so unusual, extraordinary, and surpassing rational explanation that they are regarded as manifestations of supernatural power.
laajempi käsite tapahtumat
liittyy Aaron's rod has sprouted, flowered and produced ripe almonds, John digs a (cruciform) grave, steps into it and disappears to the astonishment of his disciples, Joosef ruokkii veljensä talossaan: veljien hämmästys kun heidät on sijoitettu istumaan ikäjärjestyksessä; Benjaminia kunnioitetaan ylimääräisellä ruolla, Joseph is chosen as husband because his rod is flowering (sometimes a dove on it), Kristuksen ihmeteot ~ sairaiden parantaminen, Kristuksen ihmeteot ~ vesi, Kristuksen ihmeteot: kuolleista herättäminen, Kristuksen muut ihmeteot, Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh; Aaron performs the miracle of the rod changing into a snake, Moses performing the miracles before the people, St. Benedict miraculously mends the broken sieve of his nurse Cyrilla, St. Cosmas and Damian tied to a cross; the arrows and stones aimed at them return against their executioners, St. Crispin and Crispinian are thrown into the river with millstones round their necks, but are miraculously saved, St. Gregory the Great as Doctor of the Latin Church, with book, pen and dove; his secretary Peter peeping at him through a curtain, looking in wonder at the dove hovering at Gregory's ear or perching on his shoulder, Surprise, Wonder; 'Maraviglia' (Ripa), Terah turns Abraham over to King Nimrod, who condemns him to be cast into the fire (or fiery furnace) of the Chaldeans; he is miraculously rescued by God, a miracle occurs in Aeneas' house: Ascanius' head catches fire but it does not harm him, a thief condemned by the judge to be hanged, is miraculously saved by (the relics of) St. Quintin, after the miracle of the roses, Christ and Mary appear to St. Francis of Assisi in the Portiuncula chapel, apostles preach and perform miracles (exorcising devils; healing sickness; raising dead; baptizing), building-site indicated by a miracle, building-site of church indicated by a miracle, cast into the sea, St. Cosmas and Damian are miraculously saved by angels, deathbed of St. Philip Benizzi: Servite friars surround him, and a child is miraculously raised from the dead, during a funeral a band of ransacking Moabites is seen approaching and the corpse is thrown hastily into Elisha's tomb; when it touches Elisha's bones the man comes back to life, forty archers fail to harm St. Christopher, the arrows being miraculously deflected; one of the arrows returns and strikes the king in the eye, freeing a prisoner in a miraculous way, ihmetyöt ~ Herra kutsuu Mooseksen Israelin kansan pelastajaksi, legends and miracles associated with the Eucharist (or the Host), mannan ja viiriäisten ihme (Exodus 16), miracle of the bending palmtree ~ rest on the flight into Egypt, miracle of the sweetening of the water of Marah, miracle of the well ~ rest on the flight into Egypt, miracle-workers, performers of miracles ~ American Indian religions, miracle-workers, performers of miracles ~ Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, miracle-workers, performers of miracles ~ non-Christian religions, miracles and other narrations ~ the youth of Christ, miracles at Christ's birth, miracles during the flight into Egypt, miracles occurring during the transportation of the relics of St. Mark, miracles of Andrew, miracles of Bartholomew, miracles of John, miracles of Matthias, miracles of Peter (sometimes in co-operation with others), miracles of Stephen, miracles of Thomas, miracles of the Archangel Michael, miracles, appearances, and legends ~ Mary, miraculous healing, miraculous statues of Christ or the Christ-child, naispuoliset pyhimykset, oil-miracle with the lamp on the grave of Bartholomew, pilgrims gather at the fountain that had miraculously sprung up at the place where St. Florian was buried, pilgrims gather at the submarine chapel of St. Clement every year when the waters recede; a mother finds her child, left behind the previous year, safely asleep in the chapel, pyhimykset, selittämättömät ilmiöt, seven miracles of assistance ~ story of Elisha (Eliseus), stay of Aeneas on Thrace: miracle of the bleeding bush on Polydorus' grave; the spirit of Polydorus advises Aeneas to flee, the Seven Wonders of the World, the angel leads Peter past the sleeping guards, the awls of St. Crispin and Crispinian miraculously return to the executioners, and hurt them, the coffin of St. Zenobius, being carried to the cathedral, touches a dead tree; the tree springs into leaf, the follower of Bacchus is miraculously saved from prison and torture, the head and the body of St. Edmund are reunited, the miracle of the barrel of meal and the jar of oil: to reward the woman's charity Elijah has her store of meal and oil renewed as long as the famine prevails, the miraculous spring in the temple ~ Ezekiel's visions, the prodigy of Livia: an eagle drops a white pullet with a laurel-twig in its beak into her lap, the shrine of St. Godeleva is seen floating in the air, the tongue of St. John Nepomuk is found intact, to his astonishment King Nebuchadnezzar sees four men (one of them usually represented as an angel) in the furnace; the king commands them to come forth, to overcome temptations of the flesh (by naked women), St. Francis of Assisi throws himself into a thorn-bush; sometimes roses sprout where drops of blood fall to the earth, troijalaiset tuijottavat ihmeissään puista hevosta, uskonnolliset kokemukset, when the waters recede, the body of St. Clement is recovered in a submarine chapel built by angels, while the priests with the ark stay in the middle of the Jordan and the waters are miraculously dammed, the Israelites cross the river
nimi ihme, ihmeet, miracles, under
prefLabel ihmeet, miracles, under
vastaa ihme, keyword174340147802, p300251615, p627
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