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käsite, YSO-käsite, asiasana: kääntymys


AAT-näkymä Teema
Kaunokki-tunnus 43112
altLabel andlig väckelse, bättring, hengellinen herätys, herätys, kääntyminen, parannus, religiös väckelse, uskonnollinen herääminen, uudestisyntyminen
definedConcept Y2588
koodi 43112
kuuluu sanastoon kaunokki-ontologia
liittyy Andrew expels a demon from a young man, who is then converted, Andrew heals Maximilla, and converts her, Asenath's conversion: she throws her idols out of the window, John converts people, Longus and Cestus are converted on Paul's tomb, Paul and Silas prevent the warder from committing suicide (story of the conversion of the warder, Ptolemy goes to Peter and becomes a believer, St. Afra, the harlot, is converted by bishop Narcissus, St. Augustine meditating under a fig-tree: he hears a voice 'tolle, lege'; usually a book (the Bible) beside him, St. Bavo gives his possessions to the poor and is received by St. Amand standing on the threshold of a church, St. Catherine of Alexandria converted to Christianity and/or baptized by a hermit, St. Catherine of Alexandria converts empress Faustina and Porphyrius, St. Cecilia and Valerian seen by Tiburtius, who is then converted and baptized, St. Christopher in prison converts two harlots who wanted to seduce him, St. Cyprian is converted (and consecrated bishop); he burns his magic books, St. Francis of Assisi preaching before the Sultan of Egypt; to convert the sultan he is about to walk through a fire, St. Mark baptizing the converted Anianus, St. Mary of Egypt is converted on the threshold of the church of the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem; an angel with a sword prevents her from entering the church, St. Servatius lying asleep in the sun while an eagle shades and fans him; perhaps Attila, king of the Huns, sees it, and is converted, St. Victor in prison converts three fellow prisoners, St. Vincent Ferrer converting Jews, a Jew beats the statue of St. Nicholas, because he has been robbed; St. Nicholas appears to the thieves, who then restore the money, and the Jew is converted, conversion and belief, conversion of Jews by force ~ anti-semitism, conversion of the Provençal prince and his wife, conversion of the flute-player ~ wedding of the king's daughter in Andrapolis, conversion of the newly-wed couple ~ wedding of the king's daughter in Andrapolis, converts abjuring their former faith, deathbed of St. Francis of Assisi: the physician Jerome, touching the wounds, is converted, katumus, many gentiles are converted ~ story of Esther, militant proselytizing: religious war, crusade, etc., naispuoliset pyhimykset, on the way to his execution James converts Josias, a constable, pelastus, pyhimykset, some of the cannibals are converted, the others die ~ Andrew, story of the conversion of Hermogenes the sorcerer, story of the conversion of Paul (Acts 9:1-18), the conversion and baptism of Lydia, a seller of purple, the conversion and baptism of the philosopher Craton, the conversion and circumcision of Timothy (Timotheus), the conversion of Aphrodisius, the conversion of Dionysius (Denis) the Areopagite, the conversion of Mygdonia and her sister, the queen, the conversion of St. Eustace: while hunting (on horseback) he is confronted with a stag bearing a crucifix between its antlers; Eustace is shown kneeling before the stag (that appears on a rock), the conversion of St. Mary Magdalene on hearing Christ preaching, the conversion of St. Norbert: when riding on horseback, he is thrown out of the saddle by a thunderbolt, the conversion of the young prince Josaphat by the hermit Barlaam, the death of Raymond Diocrès: on his deathbed the tutor of St. Bruno sees his own condemnation; young Bruno is converted, uskonnolliset kokemukset, while hunting on Good Friday St. Hubert is confronted with a white stag bearing a crucifix between its antlers; Hubert kneels before the stag
nimi conversion, kääntymys, omvändelse
prefLabel conversion, kääntymys, omvändelse
vastaa kaantymys, keyword174340353117, p5412
yläluokka toisenlaiseksi muuttaminen

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