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käsite, YSO-käsite: rinta


definedConcept Y10093
liittyy "Natura" (allegorinen hahmo tai näkymä; tai allegoria monirintaisen Efesoksen Dianan hahmossa); "Natura" (Ripa), 'Ecclesia lactans', maybe with Moses and Paul, Alecto flings a snake from her hair into the bosom of Latinus' wife Amata, Augustine, bishop of Hippo; possible attributes: arrows piercing his breast, book, child with spoon, flaming heart, heart (pierced with arrows), pen, Christ-child lifting Mary's veil, grappling at her dress, laying his hands on her breast ~ Madonna-representations, Christ-child suckling, or beginning to suckle, e.g. Mary uncovering her breast ~ Madonna-representations, Last Communion of Bonaventura: the wafer (host) enters his breast instead of his mouth, Mary as bride of the Holy Ghost (with a dove on her bosom), Mary giving milk from her breasts, 'Lactatio', Mary interceding (with Christ), 'Maria Mediatrix' (sometimes Mary showing her breasts), Pyhä Hieronymus harjoittaa katumusta autiomaassa, puolialastomana, polvistuneena krusifiksin eteen ja pidellen kiveä kädessään hakatakseen sillä rintaansa; pääkallo (ja muita 'vanitas'-symboleja), toisinaan myös skorpioni ja käärme hänen vierellään, St. Barbara's breasts are cut off, St. Bernard of Clairvaux kneels before the Virgin Mary who presses her breast from which milk spouts, wetting the lips of Bernard ('lactatio'), St. Justina of Padua is stabbed in the chest; Christ, Mary, and saints may appear to her, anthropomorphic being with two upper bodies, arm or hand held in front of the chest, arms crossed over the breast, breast(s), breast(s), breast(s), breast(s), breast(s), breast(s), breast(s), breast(s), breast(s), breast(s), breast(s), breast(s), chest, chest, chest, chest, chest, chest, chest, chest, chest, chest, chest, chest, chest, chest, chest, chest, chest, chest, chest, breast, hand holding the breast, hand on breast (or stomach), slipped into opening of vestment, hand striking the chest, hand uncovering the chest, piece of clothing covering the breast or décolleté, rinnat, rintakehä, sex and age of animals; propagation of animals, the Augustine hermit, Nicholas of Tolentino; possible attributes: book, crucifix, (entwined with lilies), lily, (basket with) loaves, two doves (on a dish or flying away), star (on his breast), the Dominican friar Peter Martyr of Verona; possible attributes: crucifix, finger at lips, palm, sword (axe or knife) in skull (or breast), wound in head, the Dominican theologian, 'Angelic Doctor' Thomas of Aquino; possible attributes: book, (chain with) sun, dove, girdle of chastity, lily, model of church, monstrance (or chalice), mitre (under feet), star (on breast), the breasts of St. Agatha are cut or sheared off, the breasts of St. Faith are cut off, the breasts of St. Lucy are sheared or cut off, the chest of St. Ignatius of Antioch is opened after his death, and on his heart the IHS monogram is found, the hermit and Benedictine abbot Giles (Aegidius); possible attributes: arrow (in hand or breast), beggars and cripples at feet, lily, hind (or stag), the hermit and founder of the (Franciscan) Minim Friars, Francis of Paola; possible attributes: inscription 'Charitas' on breast, discipline, skull, staff, the orator Hyperides defends the courtesan Phryne, who was accused of impiety; he appeals to the sentiment of the jury by uncovering her breasts, the soldier martyr Gereon of Cologne; possible attributes: banner, cross on chest, lance, shield, sword, the virgin martyr Agatha of Catania; possible attributes: breasts on dish, burning house, loaf, taper or candle, tongs
nimi bröstet, chest, rinta
prefLabel bröstet, chest, rinta
vastaa p14070, rinta
yläluokka ruumiinosat

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