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liittyy Achilles heals Telephus' wound with the rust of his lance, Apostoli Tuomas; mahdolliset attribuutit: kirja, pikari, vyö, sydän, keihäs tai peitsi, kirjakäärö, laskutaulu, kivet, Bellerophon, flying on Pegasus' back, kills the Chimera, a fire-breathing monster, with arrows or a spear, Benaiah kills an Egyptian; he plucks the spear out of the Egyptian's hand and kills him with it, Christ stabs Satan with a lance or a cross, David takes Saul's spear and water-flask away, Dianan attribuutit (NIMEN kanssa), Jeanne d'Arc; mahdolliset attribuutit: sotavarukset, sotalippu, peitsi, miekka, Joab stabs Absalom with three spears, Lambert(us), martyr bishop of Maastricht and patron of Liège; possible attributes: arrow, bear, cloth with flames, lance, nobleman under crozier, rationale, sword, two armed men under feet, Laocoon, the priest, tries to dissuade the Trojans from bringing the horse inside the walls, and hurls a spear at it, Longinus pierces Christ's side with a lance, Metabus, Camilla's father, with the enemy almost upon him, throws the baby Camilla, lashed on his spear, over the river Amasenus and invokes Diana's help, Micah's prophecy of the swords beaten into ploughshares, and the spears into pruning-hooks (Micah 4:3), Minervan attribuutit (NIMEN kanssa), Phinehas, Eleazar's son, follows Zimri and Cozbi and drives his spear through both of them, Procris gives Cephalus the dog (Laelaps) and the magic spear she received from Diana, Pyhä Yrjö ja lohikäärme: puettuna haarniskaan ja ratsastaen (valkoisella) hevosella hän heiluttaa miekkaansa (hänen peitsensä makaa jo katkenneena maassa); prinsessa lähistöllä saatetaan esittää rukoilemassa tai pakenemassa, Saul casts his spear at David for the second time (1 Samuel 19:10), Saul casts his spear at David when the latter is playing his harp before the king (1 Samuel 18:11), Saul casts his spear at Jonathan, Saul, sitting under a tree on a hill, with his spear in his hand, is told of David and Ahimelech (1 Samuel 22:6-23), St. Lambert is killed by arrows, a lance or a sword, usually while kneeling in prayer, St. Ursula and her companions are killed by the Huns outside the walls of Cologne; St. Ursula dies by an arrow, while the maidens are killed by arrows, spears or swords, St. Wenceslas is murdered by his brother with a sword or a lance, Tolumnius hurls a spear against the Trojans; the treaty is void, a lance fixed by Romulus on the Palatine hill changes into a willow-tree (Ovid, Metamorphoses XV 561), an angel pierces the heart of the (swooning) St. Theresa with a spear or dart with a flaming tip ('Transverberatio'), arkkienkeli Mikael (usein aseistettuna miekalla tai peitsellä), as Joshua points his spear at Ai, the men who were lying in ambush storm the city, capture it and set it on fire; Joshua and his men turn round and kill the men of Ai, at a feast Alexander kills his friend Clitus with a javelin, casting weapons: spear, death of Epaminondas: he refuses to have the lance in his body withdrawn, death of Thomas: he is brought out of the city by four soldiers, who kill him with their lances, helved weapons, polearms (for striking, hacking, thrusting): javelin, helved weapons, polearms (for striking, hacking, thrusting): lance, helved weapons, polearms (for striking, hacking, thrusting): pike, javelin-throwing, keihäänkärjet, lance ~ instruments of the Passion, lance, spear (symbol of sovereignty), legend of the bleeding Holy Lance, near Nagasaki in Japan, twenty-six Franciscan and/or Jesuit friars are crucified and pierced with lances, one of the soldiers (Stephaton) gives Christ vinegar on a sponge attached to a pole or lance, pursued by Asahel, Abner thrusts his spear backwards and kills him, ritarimarttyyri Pyhä Yrjö (Georgius); mahdolliset attribuutit: sotalippu (punainen risti valkealla pohjalla), (punainen) risti, lohikäärme, (valkoinen) hevonen, murtunut peitsi, kilpi (jossa risti), miekka, servants save the infant Pyrrhus from the pursuit of the enemies of his father; when unable to cross a swollen river unaided they hurl a message tied either to a stone or a javelin across the water beseeching help, spears, the (negro-)warrior Maurice (Mauritius) of Agaunum, commander of the Theban Legion, and martyr; possible attributes: banner, lance, shield (with trefoil cross), the Holy Lance ~ relics of Christ, the Roman soldier and hunter Eustace (Eustachius, Eustathius); possible attributes: banner, bull of brass, cuirass, hunting horn, lance, stag's head with crucifix, sword, two sons, wife, the Virgin Mary, interceding for mankind, presents St. Dominic and usually also St. Francis of Assisi to Christ; Christ brandishes three spears or arrows to destroy the sins of Pride, Avarice and Lust, the apostle Philip; possible attributes: book, cross, dish with snake, lance, scroll, stone, sword, the heads of Nisus and Euryalus are displayed on spear-points, the martyr and duke of Bohemia, Wencesla(u)s; possible attributes: bunch of grapes, knight's armour, ducal hat, lance, shield, sword, wine press, the soldier Longinus (the centurion) of Caesarea; possible attributes: lance, pyx, the soldier martyr Florian of Lorch; possible attributes: bucket (pitcher), lance with banner, millstone, palm-branch, shield (with cross), sword, the soldier martyr Gereon of Cologne; possible attributes: banner, cross on chest, lance, shield, sword, the soldier martyr Theodore Stratelates of Euchaïta; possible attributes: cuirass, lance, spear, the warrior martyr Theodore Tiro of Echaïta (or Amasea); possible attributes: banner, cuirass, dragon (or crocodile), lance, shield, sword, violent death by lance, spear
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