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käsite, YSO-käsite, AFO-käsite, AAT-käsite: ruusut


Small round door plates that serve as a mounting for a doorknob or lever door handle and intervene between it and the door.

agcx Rosa
cc C15 biologia, C22 viljely
definedConcept Y11272
fte roses
id 300033321
kuvaus Small round door plates that serve as a mounting for a doorknob or lever door handle and intervene between it and the door.
laajempi käsite door plates
liittyy Adonis' blood changed into an anemone or a rose: when Adonis is slain by a boar, Venus changes his blood into an anemone or a rose (Ovid, Metamorphoses X 735), Cupid stung by a bee while stealing honey, or while picking a rose; 'l'Amour piqué', Elisabeth, wife and widow of the king of Portugal, and Franciscan Tertiary; possible attributes: crown, roses, veil, wine-jar, Madonna in the rose-garden, 'Paradiesgärtlein', Mary appears to St. Nicholas of Tolentino on his sick-bed, offering him a loaf (he changes the loaf into roses), St. Rosalia crowned with roses by the infant Christ, Venuksen attribuutit (NIMEN kanssa), after the miracle of the roses, Christ and Mary appear to St. Francis of Assisi in the Portiuncula chapel, an angel brings St. Lidwyna a branch of roses, deathbed of St. Lidwyna: an angel crowns her with roses, and heaven opens to receive her; Christ and Mary present, kneeling down to be beheaded, St. Dorothea is presented with a basket of roses and apples by a child, koristekasvit, kukat: ruusu, on being detected in giving away bread to the poor, St. Di(a)dacus opens his habit, which is found to be full of roses, symbols (of Mary) from litanies (with TEXT), the Dominican Tertiary Rosa (Rose) of Lima; possible attributes: anchor, crown of thorns, crucifix, infant Christ (in her arms or on a bunch of roses), lily, (wreath of) roses, the Praemonstratense friar Herman Joseph of Steinfeld; possible attributes of St. Herman Joseph: book, branch of roses, cup (with roses), infant Christ, key, knife, the coronation of Cecilia and Valerian by an angel; they are crowned with roses and lilies, sometimes Tiburtius present, the infant Christ appears to St. Rosa and crowns her with roses, the miracle of the roses: St. Elisabeth's husband meets her in the street carrying bread in her apron to take to the poor; when he opens the apron he finds it full of roses, the virgin Lidwyna (Lydwine) of Schiedam; possible attributes: crucifix, branch of roses in hand, roses in hair, the virgin and hermit Rosalia of Palermo; possible attributes: crucifix, wreath of roses, the virgin martyr Cecilia of Rome; possible attributes: falcon, musical instruments, organ, wreath of roses and lilies, the virgin martyr Dorothea of Caesarea; possible attributes: basket of roses and apples, child with basket of roses, garland of roses, roses in hand or lap, the wife and widow of the Landgrave of Thuringia, and Franciscan Tertiary, Elisabeth of Hungary; possible attributes: beggar, cripple, fish, loaves, leper, model of church, pitcher, roses in lap, scald-head, three crowns, to overcome temptations of the flesh (by naked women), St. Francis of Assisi throws himself into a thorn-bush; sometimes roses sprout where drops of blood fall to the earth
nimi roses, ruusu, ruusut
prefLabel roses, ruusut
rtx koristekasvit, pensaat, ruusunmarja, ryhmäruusut
scx Rosa
vastaa p13886, p300033321, ruusu, ruusut
yläluokka ruusukasvit

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