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käsite, YSO-käsite, AFO-käsite, Avainsana: susi


cc C15 biologia, C30 kotielaintiede
definedConcept Y8509
fte pl. volwes, wolf
liittyy Andrew Corsini, Carmelite friar and bishop of Fiesole; possible attributes: aspergillum, lamb, sword, wolf, Isaiah's prophecy of the peaceable kingdom: 'the wolf shall dwell with the lamb' (Isaiah 11:6-9), Lycaon changed into a wolf: Jupiter changes Lycaon into a wolf as punishment for offering the god, who is sitting at table, human flesh to eat; Lycaon's house is struck with lightning (Ovid, Metamorphoses I 237), Romulus ja Remus huuhtoutuvat rannalle ja naarassusi imettää heitä; 'Lupa Romana', St. Blaise makes a wolf bring back a poor woman's only pig, St. Vedastus brings to life a goose that had been killed by a wolf, a bear or a wolf guards the head of St. Edmund, apostles must be as sheep in the midst of wolves ~ the ideal apostle (Matthew 10:16; Luke 10:3), attributes of Mars (with NAME), bishop Vedastus (Foster, Vaast) of Arras; possible attributes: bear, wolf (with dead goose), death of Milon of Croton: he has his hands trapped in a tree trunk and is attacked by lions or wolves, parables and proverbial sayings of Christ ~ the animal world, petoeläimet: susi, taming of the wolf of Gubbio; St. Francis of Assisi and the citizens signing a treaty with the wolf, when St. Eustace crosses a river, his two sons are seized by a lion and a wolf, wolf turned to marble: at the prayer of Peleus and Thetis, a wolf is turned into marble by Psamathe because it had attacked the cattle that Peleus was herding on the sea-shore (Ovid, Metamorphoses X 401)
nimi susi, varg, wolf
prefLabel susi, varg, wolf
scx Canis lupus
vastaa p16400, susi, susi, susi
yläluokka koiraeläimet, suurpedot

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