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käsite, YSO-käsite, AFO-käsite: oksat


agcx branches
cc C15 biologia, C90 metsatalous
definedConcept Y23542
fte branches, knots
liittyy 'Shavuot', Feast of Weeks, Pentecost, synagogue decorated with branches, 'azei hayyim' (trees of life), sticks, rods or rollers of the Scroll of the Law ~ Jewish religion, 'lulav', bunch of twigs of four different species of plants ~ 'Sukkot', 'sukkah', booth decorated with twigs and fruits ~ 'Sukkot', Abimelech's soldiers imitate him in cutting boughs from the trees with an axe, Aeneas affixes the 'Golden Bough' to the threshold of Pluto's palace, Aeneas plucks the 'Golden Bough' by the aid of two doves, Christ-child winding a crown of thorns, or with thorny twigs, Ezekiel joins two sticks (Ezekiel 37:15-17), Hypnos puts someone to sleep by dropping slumber from his horn, or by shaking a branch with Lethe's dew, Jesaja (ei raamatullisessa yhteydessä); mahdolliset attribuutit: puunoksa lehtineen, saha, kirjakäärö tai kirja, John changes sticks and stones into gold and jewels for two young philosophers (Atticus, Eugenius), Marcus Furius Camillus has the schoolmaster of Falerii chastised by his pupils: he is stripped and the children drive him back to their city with sticks, Samson is bound by Delilah with seven green twigs, air top, diabolo, devil-on-two-sticks, an angel brings St. Lidwyna a branch of roses, ball games in which ball is hit or knocked with stick (individual play), ball games in which ball is hit with wooden object (team play), baton ~ conductor, branch, stick, branch, stick, branches, 'Astwerk' ~ ornament, bundle of twigs, faggot, bundle of twigs, faggot, burning of the used branches after the holy day in the synagogue courtyard ~ 'Sukkot', gymnastic exercises with sticks, dumb-bells, etc., hitting ball with stick, etc. (children's game), legend of the True Cross, man hanging from a branch above a pit ~ scene symbolizing 'Vanitas', orjantappurakruunaus: kepein varustautuneet sotilaat asettavat orjantappurakruunun Kristuksen päähän panevat ruokokepin hänen käteensä (Matt. 27:27-31; Mark. 15:16-20; Joh. 19:2-3), requirements, necessaries ~ sports and games (with NAME), rod, birch ~ punishment at school, sledge moved by prickers, sprig, twig, sprig, twig, story of the Jew, the dishonest Christian, and the stick filled with money; the Christian, overrun by a cart, is raised from the dead by St. Nicholas, the Benedictine abbess Walburga (Walpurgis) of Eichstatt; possible attributes: crown, phial of oil (on book), (three) ears of corn, sceptre, pastoral staff, flowering twig, the branch ~ visions of Zechariah, the elders of Succoth are punished with thorns and briars, the man born blind washes his eyes in the pool of Siloam, and throws away his stick, the martyr Vitus (Veit, Guy); possible attributes: bird, cauldron, cock, dog, hare, lamp, lion, loaf, model of church, stick (or cudgel), the prodigy of Livia: an eagle drops a white pullet with a laurel-twig in its beak into her lap, the recovery of the axe-head: as one of the sons of the prophets is cutting a tree to build a new house for Elisha and his followers, his axe-head falls into the Jordan; Elisha makes the axe-head float by casting a stick into the water (2 Kings 6:1-7), the virgin Lidwyna (Lydwine) of Schiedam; possible attributes: crucifix, branch of roses in hand, roses in hair, thorny twig, thorny twig, throwing sticks (throwing game), twigs ~ arts, twigs ~ building material, twigs ~ crafts and industries, twigs ~ ornaments
nimi grenar, oksa, oksat
prefLabel grenar, oksat
rtx karsiutuminen, oksaisuus, oksapuu, oksikkuus
vastaa oksa, oksat, p15941
yläluokka kasvinosat

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