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MAO-käsite, käsite, TAO-käsite, YSO-käsite, AAT-käsite: alttarit


Use for constructions upon which religious sacrifice is offered. Includes both small, tablelike fixtures and larger, free-standing, outdoor structures. For the surface at which communion is celebrated in Protestant churches, use "communion tables."

definedConcept Y6607
id 300003725
kuvaus , Use for constructions upon which religious sacrifice is offered. Includes both small, tablelike fixtures and larger, free-standing, outdoor structures. For the surface at which communion is celebrated in Protestant churches, use "communion tables."
laajempi käsite altars and altar components, kirkkotaide
liittyy 'Erotes', Venuksen palvonta, Venuksen juhla (Filostratos, Imagines I 6): kupidot leikkivät omenoilla hedelmätarhassa, missä on Venuksen temppeli tai alttari; ne ampuvat nuolia, tanssivat, painiskelevat keskenään ja yrittävät ottaa kiinni jäniksiä, Aaron builds an altar and offers a sacrifice to the golden calf, Aaron makes a golden calf and has it placed on a pedestal or altar, Abraham comes to the sacred tree of Moreh at Shechem, and builds his first altar, Abraham moves his encampment to Bethel and builds his second altar, Abraham, wearing an armour, with a chalice and bread before an altar, Adoniah takes hold of the horns of the altar, Ahaz in Damascus sends to Uriah, the priest, a model of a Syrian altar; the altar is built and placed in the temple of Jerusalem, Amos sees the Lord standing on the altar, ordering its destruction, Balaam commands seven altars, seven bulls and seven rams to be prepared for a sacrifice in the presence of King Balak, Creusa flees to an altar from Ion's vengeance; the cradle in which Ion had been exposed is brought in and brings about recognition between mother and son, David builds an altar in the threshing-floor of Araunah and burns the offerings to God, Deucalion and Pyrrha pray, usually at the shrine of Gaea-Themis, Gideon and ten servants destroy the altar of Baal, cut down the grove near it, build an altar to God on the rock, take a bullock and offer a burnt sacrifice, Gideon builds an altar to the Lord, Hezekiah destroys the local shrines, Isaac builds an altar, Jacob builds an altar, Jason and Medea at the altar of Hecate (or Diana): Medea gives him a magic herb or ointment, Joab flees to the Tabernacle and takes hold of the horns of the altar, Joshua sets up an altar on Mount Ebal, King Busiris of Egypt and his servants are slain by Hercules on the altar where they had attempted to sacrifice him, Korah and his followers, holding censers, face Moses and Aaron before the door of the Tabernacle (or beside an altar); the rebels are destroyed by fire of the Lord, Manasseh builds pagan altars in the temple of Jerusalem and worships the stars, Manasseh rebuilds the pagan places of worship and builds altars to Baal, Mattathias kills a Jew, who wanted to offer sacrifices to pagan gods, and pulls down the altar in Modin (1 Maccabees 2:23-26), Matthew is slain before an altar by soldiers of Hirtacus and is beheaded, Medea builds two altars, one to Hecate and another to Hebe, and kills a black sheep, Moses builds an altar, Moses builds an altar and sets up twelve stones, Orestes (and Pylades) in Delphi at the altar of Apollo, Paul in front of the altar of the unknown god, Pelias and Neleus avenge their mother Tyro, by killing Sidero at the altar of Juno, where she had taken refuge, Priam, Hecuba and their daughters take refuge at the altar of Jupiter in the courtyard of the palace, Saul builds an altar in Aijalon, St. Aloysius Gonzaga in ecstasy before an altar with crucifix, St. Ignatius of Loyola, standing at the top of the altar steps, exorcizing devils from possessed persons; angels chase away the demons, St. Lambert carries hot coals in a fold of his surplice to light the incense before the altar, Telephus takes refuge on the house altar with the infant Orestes in his arms, Uzziah grows arrogant and defies God by burning incense on the altar; Azariah, the priest, resists him and as the king gets angry, leprosy breaks out on his forehead, Zerubbabel and the high priest Jeshua (Joshua) build an altar and burn offerings in the open air, all the pagan shrines over the entire kingdom are desecrated and destroyed ~ story of Josiah, altar, altar ~ American Indian religions, altar ~ Australian and Polynesian/Melanesian religions, altar ~ Babylonian-Assyrian religions and other antique religions of the Near East and Northern Africa, altar ~ Egyptian religion, altar ~ Freemasonry, altar ~ Germanic and Scandiavian religions, altar ~ Greek religion, altar ~ Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, altar ~ Jewish religion, altar ~ Mithraism and other Hellenistic or Late Roman (provincial) religions (including ancient Iranian religions), altar ~ Roman religion, altar ~ non-Christian religions, altar ~ traditional Chinese religions, an altar is built at Bethel ~ story of Jacob, as king Jeroboam points to the prophet and orders his seizure, his hand withers and the altar falls apart, at Gilead, at the borders of the Jordan, the two and a half tribes build a large altar (Reubenites, Gadites, half of Manasseh's tribe), before the altar St. Thomas Becket is killed with a sword by four assassins (knights), holy ark, 'aron kodesh', shrine (in Synagogue) for the holy writings ~ Jewish religion, in front of the altar, young Hannibal takes the oath to fight the Romans (sworn hatred), incensation of the altar, kirkkotaide, muut erilaiset uskonnot, kultit ja uskonnolliset opinkappaleet tai doktriinit, opening of the fifth seal: white robes are given to (the souls of) the martyrs under the altar, prayer of Solomon; Solomon kneels before the altar, procession of the celebrant and his assistants from sacristy to altar, purification of Isaiah: an angel touches Isaiah's lips with a burning coal, taken from the altar with tongs ~ Isaiah's visions (Isaiah 6:5-13), recruitment of the bridegroom: the suitors are kneeling before the altar on which rods are placed, road side shrine, temple, shrine ~ American Indian religions, temple, shrine ~ Australian and Polynesian/Melanesian religions, temple, shrine ~ Babylonian-Assyrian religions and other antique religions of the Near East and Northern Africa, temple, shrine ~ Celtic religion, temple, shrine ~ Egyptian religion, temple, shrine ~ Freemasonry, temple, shrine ~ Germanic and Scandiavian religions, temple, shrine ~ Greek religion, temple, shrine ~ Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, temple, shrine ~ Islam, Mohammedanism, temple, shrine ~ Roman religion, temple, shrine ~ Shinto, temple, shrine ~ non-Christian religions, temple, shrine ~ traditional Chinese religions, the Argo, caught in a storm, is safely beached; Jason pours a libation on an altar to Apollo and is mocked by Medea's twelve maidens, the Lord's ordinances of the altar ~ Ezekiel's vision of the new temple, the True Cross is erected on Golgotha (or on an altar) ~ legend of the True Cross, the altar at Bethel is desecrated: bones taken out of some nearby tombs are burnt on the altar (the tomb of the prophet of Judah is spared) ~ story of Josiah, the censers are beaten into thin plates to make a covering for the altar, the destruction of the altar of Baal by Gideon (Judges 6:25-32), the idols and altars are removed from the temple of Jerusalem ~ story of Manasseh, the mass of St. Gregory the Great: Christ appears above the altar with the instruments of the Passion; maybe blood spouts from Christ's side, the mass of St. Martin: Martin is shown celebrating Mass in an ill-fitting smock, having given his chasuble to a needy beggar; in church at the altar, a ball of fire descends on his head, and angels cover his arms with sleeves of gold and precious stones, the people destroy the temple, altars and images of Baal, and slay Baal's priests, the shrine of St. Godeleva is seen floating in the air, two angels carry the old St. Peter Nolasco from his cell to the altar to receive the Last Communion, two sacrificial altars are set up ~ story of Elijah, uhripöydät
luoja Museoalan asiasanasto
nimi altaren, altars, alttari, alttarit
prefLabel altaren, altars, alttarit
related to alttaritaulut, asen, boliw, confessions
vastaa alttari, alttarit, alttarit, p14450, p300003725
yläluokka uskontoon liittyvä objekti

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