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käsite, YSO-käsite, YSOconcept: valkoiset


definedConcept Y20487
liittyy Aeneas finds a white sow with thirty young, and sacrifices them to Juno, Bernard of Clairvaux, Cistercian monk and abbot; possible attributes: beehive, chained dragon, crucifix, cross with instruments of the Passion, (three) mitre at his feet, white dog, Europan ryöstö, Jupiter ja Europa; Jupiter, yleensä valkoisen härän hahmossa, ryöstää Europan ja kantaa hänet veden yli, James as Moor-slayer ('Matamoros'): on the battle-field of Clavijo he appears on a white horse, Neptune, at Minos' prayer, has a beautiful white bull emerge from the sea, Pasiphae enamoured of a white bull, St. George on a white horse appears to crusaders, and helps them in their battle against the Saracens, Venus wounded by the thorns of a rose-bush; the roses change from white to red (possibly combined with the story of Adonis), a heavenly rider, in white garment and with weapons of gold, helps the Maccabees in their battle against Lysias (2 Maccabees 11:6-12), a man riding on a red horse among the myrtle-trees; behind him red, speckled and white horses (Zechariah 1:8-17), a white crow sees Coronis' infidelity and tells Apollo about it, adoration of the Lamb (by a multitude in white robes), europidit, four chariots (with red, black, white, grisled and bay horses respectively) coming out from between two mountains of brass (Zechariah 6:1-8), mulberries changing from white to red: when coloured by the blood of Pyramus and Thisbe, white mulberries become red (Ovid, Metamorphoses IV 158), representations of the parable of the frailty of human happiness: a man pursued by a unicorn clings to a tree in which there is a beehive dripping honey; a white and a black rat gnaw at the roots of a tree, and below yawns a chasm in which a monster lies in wait for him, rodut, the Aloeids accidentally kill each other when Diana darts between them in the form of a white doe, the mother of Augustine, Monica of Tagaste (or Ostia); possible attributes: black dress with white veil or wimple, book, crucifix, rosary, värit, pigmentit ja maalit: valkoinen, while St. Isidore the Labourer is praying in the field before a statue (of the Madonna), an angel ploughs for him with white oxen, while hunting on Good Friday St. Hubert is confronted with a white stag bearing a crucifix between its antlers; Hubert kneels before the stag, white races and peoples
lisätiedot Tarkoittaa valkoisen eli europidisen rodun edustajia
nimi valkoinen, valkoiset, vita
on sama kuin Valkoinen, valkoinen
prefLabel valkoiset, vita
vastaa p9960, valkoinen
yläluokka etninen rooli, värit, värit 1

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