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MAO-käsite, käsite, YSO-käsite, AAT-käsite: suihkukaivot


Use for structures with apertures designed to allow water to spout or flow periodically or continuously, as for amenity or public access.

altLabel springbrunnar, suihkulähteet
definedConcept Y10318
id 300006179
kuvaus , Use for structures with apertures designed to allow water to spout or flow periodically or continuously, as for amenity or public access.
laajempi käsite water distribution structures
liittyy 'Fons Vitae', 'Fons Pietatis', Arethusa changed into a fountain: Diana changes her attendant Arethusa into a fountain, after first having hidden her in a cloud to escape Alpheus, the river-god (Ovid, Metamorphoses V 621), Arethusa is turned into a fountain when pursued by the handsome hunter Alpheus (Pausanias V 7, 2), Byblis changed into a fountain: after looking for Caunus everywhere, Byblis at last lies down, bathed in tears, and is changed into a fountain (Ovid, Metamorphoses IX 663), Castalia, Parnassos-vuoren lähde, Ceres finds the girdle of Proserpina near the fountain of the nymph Cyane, Ceres meets the daughters of Celeus at a fountain, Cyane changed into a fountain: when trying to stop Pluto from abducting Proserpina, the nymph Cyane is changed into a fountain (Ovid, Metamorphoses V 411), Egeria changed into a fountain: when Egeria's grief at the death of Numa Pompilius can not be assuaged, she melts away in tears, and is changed into a fountain (Ovid, Metamorphoses XV 546), Elijah's fountain, Helikon-vuoren lähteet, Judith bathing in a fountain at night, Mary, usually with the Christ-child, in orans-position in a fountain (of life), Minerva visits the Muses on Mount Helicon to see the fountain Hippocrene, which Pegasus had just brought forth, Narkissos, tuijottaen lähteeseen, rakastuu omaan peilikuvaansa; mahdollisesti nymfi Ekho katselee taustalla, Neptune makes a fountain for Amymone, Perseus cleanses his hands of blood at the well Hippocrene; Andromeda attended by Cupid and Naiads, Pirene changed into a fountain: when pining away for the loss of her son Cenchreus, who inadvertently had been killed by Diana, Pirene is changed into a fountain on Mount Helicon, St. Boniface makes a fountain spring up, St. Isidore the Labourer creates a fountain with his spade, Susanna kylpemässä, yleensä lähteessä tai sen äärellä ja toisinaan kahden naispalvelijan seurassa, Thisbe discovers the dying Pyramus (the scene may be represented near a fountain), Thisbe, fleeing from a lioness, drops her veil (the scene may be situated near a fountain), a fountain springs up from the writings of St. John Chrysostom; the faithful drink from the water, an angel meets Hagar at the fountain on the way to Shur and persuades her to return, death of Tiresias: he dies after drinking from a cold fountain, fountain (indoors), fountain of Love, 'Fons Amoris', fountain of life, fountain of life (non-Christian), fountain of youth, 'Fontaine de Jouvence', fountain ~ monastery, kaivo, ornamental fountain, ornamental fountain (in village), paratiisin neljä jokea (virraten lähteestä), pilgrims gather at the fountain that had miraculously sprung up at the place where St. Florian was buried, suihkukaivo puutarhassa, symbols (of Mary) from litanies (with TEXT), table fountain, the 'apostle of Frisia' and archbishop of Utrecht, Willibrord (of Echternach); possible attributes: cask (barrel), well (fountain), child (on a book), model of church, stone bottles, the beheading of Paul; maybe three fountains spring from his head, the martyr Boniface, 'apostle of Germany', and archbishop of Mainz; possible attributes: axe in root of tree, book pierced by a sword, fountain (springing up from under his staff), whip, the sealed fountain in the enclosed garden (Song of Solomon 4:12), the third of the seven angels sounds the trumpet: a great burning star (Wormwood) poisons the rivers and fountains, utilitarian, public pump or water fountain, when Hermaphroditus bathes in a fountain, Salmacis, the nymph of the fountain, falls in love with him
luoja Museoalan asiasanasto
nimi fontäner, fountains, suihkukaivo, suihkukaivot
prefLabel fontäner, fountains, suihkukaivot
related to ablution fountains
vastaa p300006179, p9493, suihkukaivo, suihkukaivot
yläluokka konkreettinen eloton objekti

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