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MAO-käsite, käsite, YSO-käsite, asiasana, Iconclass-luokkakäsite: enkelit


AAT-näkymä Henkilö, toimijat
Iconclass-tunnus 11 G
Kaunokki-tunnus 44905
date 10.11.2003
definedConcept Y982
koodi 44905
kuuluu sanastoon kaunokki-ontologia
laajempi käsite kristinusko, yliluonnolliset olennot
liittyy 'For in the resurrection they ... are like angels in heaven' ~ doctrine of Christ on the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 22:30), 'Vera Icon', held up by angels, Ananias (Sidrach, Shedrach) sees a ladder reaching from earth to heaven with two angels going up, and urging him to follow them, Christ as angel, Christ lamented by angels, Christ ministered by angel(s): they bring water and food, sometimes sent by Mary, Christ strides up into heaven, holding God's hand or assisted by angel(s), Christ-child playing with angels ~ Madonna-representations, Cornelius the Centurion and the angel, Daniel swoons; he is comforted by a man (angel) who touches Daniel's lips, Ezekiel and the angel with a measuring reed in the temple, Ezekiel's vision of God: an angel looking like fire takes him to God (through the air, by the hair) (Ezekiel 8), Gideon and the angel of the Lord (Judges 6:11-24), God (or angel) speaks to Paul during the night, God expels Adam and Eve from paradise and has the tree of life guarded by an angel with a flaming sword, God punishes Israel with three days of plague; the avenging angel with his sword drawn goes through the land; seventy thousand men are killed, God relents and sends an angel who will guide the people to Canaan, Helena's vision of the Holy Cross borne by angels ~ legend of the True Cross, Heliodorus in the temple, attacked by a man (or angel) on horseback and two other men (or angels) (2 Maccabees 3:7-35), Heraclius' entry into Jerusalem: as asked by an angel, the emperor, stripped of his royal robes, carries the True Cross into the city, Jaakob ja enkeli (Genesis 32:24-32), Jaakobin uni: nukkuessaan maassa kivi tyynynään Jaakob näkee unen tikapuista, jotka ulottuvat maasta taivaaseen ja joita pitkin enkelit kulkevat ylös ja alas; yleensä Jumala tikapuiden yläpäässä, Jacob is met by angels at Mahanaim, Job on the dunghill visited by an angel who tries to comfort him, John adoring the angel after the Revelation, John the Baptist called by an angel, Joseph on his way (possibly encountering an angel), Joshua encounters an angel holding a sword (at first not recognizing the angel, Joshua may be shown drawing his sword), Joshua, the high priest, with the angel of the Lord and Satan (Zechariah 3), King Herod Agrippa speaks to the people; he is smitten by an angel and dies, King Ptolemy IV Philopator tries to have the Jews killed by drunken elephants; the Jews pray and are saved by two angels (3 Maccabees 5), Kristuksen laskeminen hautaan (mahdollisesti enkeleiden toimesta), Kristus enkeleiden kannattelemana ~ taivaaseenastuminen, Lazarus dies: his soul is carried into Abraham's lap by angels, Lot and the two angels (Genesis 19:1-23), Man of Sorrows supported or accompanied by mourning angels, 'Engelpietà', Mary fed by an angel, Mikael ja hänen enkelinsä taistelevat lohikäärmettä ja tämän seuraajia vastaan; lohikäärme (Paholainen, Saatana) syöstään alas taivaasta, Moses lifts up his rod and the water divides (Red Sea); the angel of God and the pillar of cloud move to the rear, Neitsyt Marian taivaaseenottaminen, ('assumptio corporis', 'L'Assunta'): enkelit kantavat Marian taivaaseen, Paul's ecstatic vision: he is borne aloft by (three) angels (2 Corinthians 12:1-3), Seth searching for paradise; the angel gives him a twig or a flask of oil ~ legend of the True Cross, Sodoman ja Gomorran tuho: Lootin ja hänen perheensä pako Sooariin, kantaen tavaroitaan; enkeli näyttää mahdollisesti tietä (Genesis 19:24-29), St. Agatha is miraculously healed in prison by St. Peter; sometimes an angel present, St. Antony Abbot sees the soul of St. Paul the Hermit being carried to heaven by angels, St. Benedict's vision of the fiery globe (sometimes carried by angels), St. Bernard of Clairvaux is carried up to heaven by angels, St. Bridget at her writing-desk, receiving the dictation of an angel, St. Denis, accompanied by two angels, walking with his severed head (or only top of it) in his hands from Montmartre to his sepulchre (Denis as 'cephalophore'), St. Francis of Assisi as protector against the plague: Christ (or a plague angel) is seen brandishing arrows from heaven; Francis protects the earth (in the form of a globe), the Virgin Mary intercedes, St. George is stretched on a wheel with knives: the wheel is destroyed by angels, St. Giles celebrating mass in the presence of St. Charlemagne; an angel appears above the altar, bearing a scroll on which is written an unconfessed sin of the emperor, St. Gregory the Great releasing the soul of emperor Trajan from purgatory; Trajan's soul is borne upwards out of the flames by angels, St. Gregory the Great releasing the soul of the monk Justus from purgatory; angels carry the monk's soul to heaven, St. Homobonus dies before a crucifix, and is borne up by angels, St. Ignatius of Loyola, standing at the top of the altar steps, exorcizing devils from possessed persons; angels chase away the demons, St. Jerome listens to angels blowing the trumpets of the Last Judgement, St. John of Matha and an angel, who frees two prisoners from their chains, St. John writing the Gospel, with inspiratory figure, e.g. angel, hand of God, Mary, St. Luke writing his gospel, inspiratory figure present, e.g.: angel(s), dove, hand of God, Mary, St. Mary Magdalene dies in the wilderness, supported by angels, St. Mary of Egypt is borne across the river Jordan by angels to receive the communion from Zosimus, St. Mary of Egypt is converted on the threshold of the church of the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem; an angel with a sword prevents her from entering the church, St. Matthew writing the Gospel, usually the angel present, dictating or assisting him, St. Nicholas of Tolentino as plague patron: with his hand he stops the arrows sent down by God or an angel, St. Odilia, kneeling down in prayer, releases the soul of her father, duke Attich, from purgatory; an angel pulls the duke out of the flames, while devils try to draw him back, St. Onuphrius receives the communion wafer from an angel, St. Roch assigned by Christ as patron of the plague-stricken; an angel holds (or points to) the inscription 'Eris in peste patronis', St. Roch in prison visited and comforted by an angel, St. Sebastian succoured by angels, who untie him from the tree or pillar and remove the arrows, St. Servatius buried by angels, St. Ulrich in the battle against the Hungarians: an angel with a cross of victory appears to him, St. Vitus, together with his tutor Modestus and his nurse Crescentia, escapes from his father's wrath in a boat steered by an angel, a demon blows out the candle of St. Genevieve (with bellows); an angel relights it, a demon blows out the lantern (or candle) of St. Gudula (with bellows); an angel relights it, a mighty angel casting a great (mill)stone into the sea, adult Christ together with angels, agony of Christ: to comfort him one or more angels appear to Christ with chalice and/or cross, an angel advises Elijah to go to the king with the officer, an angel announces the fall of Babylon, an angel appearing to Joseph in a dream summons him to flee into Egypt, an angel appears and reveals a well of water to Hagar, an angel appears to David with the symbols of the three punishments, an angel appears to Joseph in a dream and admonishes him to return home, an angel appears to St. Bonaventura and points out the new pope to him, an angel appears to St. Ursula in a dream, and brings her the crown of martyrdom, an angel appears, summoning Peter to wake up ~ Peter in prison, an angel attends Moses and Elijah ~ the Transfiguration, an angel brings St. Agnes a white cloak (or surrounds her with a shining light), an angel brings St. Lidwyna a branch of roses, an angel brings St. Servatius a crozier and a mitre, an angel chases away a demon from the kneeling St. Romuald, an angel commands Philip to go south, an angel descending from heaven brings St. Hubert a stole (during his consecration as bishop), an angel exchanges Judoc's crown for a pilgrim's staff, an angel explaining the vision of Mary during the journey to Bethlehem, an angel gives St. Bonaventura the sacrament ('angel Communion'), an angel holding a sword bars the way and causes Balaam's ass to turn aside; the angel is invisible to Balaam, an angel instructs Adam in agricultural activities, an angel meets Hagar at the fountain on the way to Shur and persuades her to return, an angel or Christ appears to St. Julian the Hospitaller and his wife in their hospice, rising from the leper's bed into heaven, ...
luoja ekm, Suvi Kettula
nimi angels, enkeli, enkelit, änglar
on sama kuin Enkelit
prefLabel angels, enkelit, änglar
suppeampi käsite activities of angels (in heaven), angels fighting, specific aspects of angels, e.g. intervening in human affairs, the nine choirs of angels, hierarchy of angels
vastaa enkeli, enkelit, keyword174340227702, not 11G, p18664
yläluokka yliluonnolliset olennot

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