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käsite, YSO-käsite, asiasana: vierailut


AAT-näkymä Teema
Kaunokki-tunnus 42131
definedConcept Y14502
koodi 42131
kuuluu sanastoon kaunokki-ontologia
liittyy Abner goes to David with Michal, after having sent back Phalti, Michal's second husband, who went weeping after them, Aleksanteri Suuren vierailu Diogeneksen luona, tämä istuu tynnyrinsä vieressä ja pyytää Aleksanteria siirtymään pois valon edestä, Apelles in his studio admonishes the visiting Alexander not to criticize his painting, Bathsheba and Nathan together at David's bed, Bathsheba being prepared for a visit to Solomon, Bathsheba comes to David's palace, Elijah goes to Ahaziah and prophesies his death, Emerentia is visiting Mount Carmel, Filemon ja hänen vaimonsa Baukis kestitsevät vieraanvaraisesti Jupiteria ja Merkuriusta, jotka esiintyvät matkamiehinä; mahdollisesti hanhi, jonka he yrittävät tappaa ateriaksi, lentää hakemaan turvaa vierailijoiden luota, Gabael comes to the feast, Holy Family visiting Elisabeth on the return journey, Jacob's visit to Isaac ~ death of Isaac, Jehoram goes to Jezreel to recover from his wounds and is visited there by Ahaziah of Judah, Jeroboam's wife in disguise visits the old and blind Ahijah, but he, having been warned by God, recognizes her; he predicts the death of her son and Israel's punishment for Jeroboam's sin, Jethro's visit to Moses: with Zipporah and her two sons he comes to the desert where Moses is encamped (Exodus 18), Joachim and Anna visiting Mary in the temple, Joash, king of Israel, comes to visit the sick prophet Elisha, Job's brothers and friends come to visit him, Jonathan visits David in the wilderness of Ziph; they make a covenant, Joseph takes his two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim to see Jacob on his sick-bed, Jupiter's visit to Lycaon, son of Pelasgus; when offered human flesh to eat, Jupiter strikes Lycaon (and his sons) with his lightning, King Cyrus visits the lion's den and finds Daniel alive, King Hezekiah falls ill and is visited by Isaiah, who tells him to get ready to die; Hezekiah turns his face to the wall, prays and then cries, King Jehoram goes to Elisha who prophesies plenty, King Jehoshaphat of Judah comes to visit King Ahab who proposes that they together resume the war against Syria, Kristus Marian ja Martan talossa (Luuk. 10:38-42), Marian ilmestys: Maria on yleensä esitetty lukevana, kun enkeli ilmestyy hänelle (toisinaan tapahtumaa on seuraamassa toinen nainen), Maximilla visits Andrew in prison, Mephibosheth comes to David, Moses goes to the dwellings of Dathan and Abiram and warns the people to move away from their tents, Nehemiah receives a visit from his brother Hanani, Paul in prison visited by Luke, Paul visiting Philip and his four daughters in Caesarea, Paul visits Peter in prison at Antioch, and forces him to eat, Samson visits a harlot in Gaza, Saul disguised as a soldier goes to the witch of Endor, Saul's soldiers come to David's house; Michal tells them that David is ill, St. Adrian in prison is visited by his wife Natalia; she may be disguised as a boy, St. Antony Abbot visits St. Paul the Hermit in the desert, St. Benedict visits his sister, the nun St. Scholastica, St. Charles Borromeo visits and/or consoles the sick during the plague, St. Roch in prison visited and comforted by an angel, Thalestris, queen of the Amazons, comes to meet Alexander, Thetis with her sisters in Chiron's cave visiting Achilles; the latter is returning from the hunt with Patroclus, Tobias and the angel in Raguel's house, Totila, king of the Ostrogoths, visits St. Benedict at Monte Cassino to receive his blessing; before getting absolution he is sternly rebuked by Benedict, admitted in Joseph's presence, the brothers bow down before him, care and visitation of burial place, first visit of the three Wise Men to King Herod, kyläily, on Jonadab's advice Amnon pretends to be sick; David comes to his sick-bed, on her yearly visit to the temple Hannah gives Samuel a coat, patron (or client) visiting the artist, pope Gregory XI returns from Avignon to Rome after a visit from St. Catherine of Siena, second visit of the three Wise Men to Herod, several childbed scenes ~ birth of Mary, the Holy Family visits Elisabeth, Zacharias and the new-born John the Baptist, the Provençal prince visiting the holy places in Jerusalem (e.g. the Holy Sepulchre), possibly accompanied by St. Peter, the Virgin Mary, making a teaching gesture, appears to St. Bernard of Clairvaux writing at his desk ('doctrina'), the emperor Diocletian visits the Four Crowned Martyrs in their workshop; they refuse to carve a statue of Asclepius, the hermit Paphnutius visits St. Onuphrius in the desert, the visit of the three angels (three men) ~ story of Abraham (Genesis 18), the wives of the Minyans (Minyae) visit their husbands, who were put into jail by the Spartans for aspiring to power, and exchange clothes with them; the Minyans, in women's guise, thus escape from confinement, vierailu toisen luona, kylässäkäynti; vieraiden vastaanottaminen, visit to prison or penal camp, visiting or liberating the imprisoned, 'incarceratus solatur' ~ one of the (seven) Acts of Mercy, visiting the new mother, lying-in visit, visiting the scene of the crime, visiting the sick in hospital, visiting the sick, 'aeger curatur' ~ one of the (seven) Acts of Mercy, visiting the sick; sick person together with others
nimi besök, vierailu, vierailut, visits
prefLabel besök, vierailut, visits
vastaa keyword174340035755, p14720, vierailu
yläluokka tapahtumat

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