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MAO-käsite, käsite, YSO-käsite, asiasana, AAT-käsite: sotilaat


Generally refers to those belonging to an army, whether that of a sovereign state, a faction or division within a sovereign state, or of an individual leader. Specifically refers to military personnel of enlisted rank, as distinguished from commissioned officers. For those trained for or engaged in the physical combat of warfare and sanctioned in that function by the society or group for which they fight, irrespective of actual membership in an army, see "warriors."

AAT-näkymä Henkilö, toimijat
Kaunokki-tunnus 44805
definedConcept Y8905
distinguished from warriors
id 300185678
koodi 44805
kuuluu sanastoon kaunokki-ontologia
kuvaus , Generally refers to those belonging to an army, whether that of a sovereign state, a faction or division within a sovereign state, or of an individual leader. Specifically refers to military personnel of enlisted rank, as distinguished from commissioned officers. For those trained for or engaged in the physical combat of warfare and sanctioned in that function by the society or group for which they fight, irrespective of actual membership in an army, see "warriors."
laajempi käsite ammatit, people in military occupations
liittyy 'they part my garments' ~ soldiers casting lots for Christ's clothes, (story of) Polystratus, Abimelech's soldiers imitate him in cutting boughs from the trees with an axe, Absalom purchases horses, wagons and fifty soldiers, Ahab disguised as a common soldier goes into battle, Alexander refuses the drink of water offered to him by his soldiers during one of his campaigns, Alexander yields his seat by the fire to one of his soldiers, Andrew on his way to his execution (sometimes led by soldiers), Christ is covered with a loin cloth (by Mary, Mary Magdalene or a soldier), Christ, usually holding a banner, arises from the grave; often combined with sleeping and/or frightened soldiers, Cornelius sends two servants and a soldier to Peter in Joppa, Corvus' soldiers present him with the shields and ensigns of the enemy, David and Abishai invade Saul's encampment at night, while Saul and his soldiers are sleeping, David in the camp looking for his brothers among the soldiers, who are preparing for an attack against the Philistine army, Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, Gedaliah persuades Johanan and some of the officers and soldiers who had not surrendered, to settle in Judah and serve the king of Babylon, Gideon demands bread for his hungry soldiers, Gideon's army, three hundred warriors, take up victuals and their trumpets, Hezekiah assembles an army and addresses the soldiers, Jason, tyrant of Pherae, is healed from his incurable abscess by an enemy soldier, who shoots right into the swelling, Jehoiada gathers a group of soldiers, presents Joash to them and persuades them to swear allegiance to him, Jeremiah arrested by priests and soldiers, Joshua commands some of his soldiers to go into hiding west of the city of Ai, Juudaksen suudelma: soihtuja ja lyhtyjä kantavien sotilaiden saattamana hän suutelee Kristusta, Kristusta ruoskitaan sotilaiden toimesta, Kristus on yleensä sidottu pylvääseen (Matt. 27:26; Mark. 15:15; Joh. 19:1), Lambert(us), martyr bishop of Maastricht and patron of Liège; possible attributes: arrow, bear, cloth with flames, lance, nobleman under crozier, rationale, sword, two armed men under feet, Matthew is slain before an altar by soldiers of Hirtacus and is beheaded, Nisus and Euryalus fall in with a group of enemy soldiers and are killed, Paul is brought to Caesarea by soldiers with a letter to Felix, the governor, Paul is dragged out of the temple by the Jews; he is rescued by soldiers, who arrest him and carry him away, Paul preaches and tells his story to Jews while guarded by soldiers, Perseus beheading Medusa, with Pegasus, and possibly also Chrysaor, the warrior with the golden sword, springing from the blood of Medusa's head, Peter denies Christ, usually before a girl-servant and some soldiers, Peter is led to his execution by four soldiers; his last prayer, Peter sleeping between two soldiers, Saul disguised as a soldier goes to the witch of Endor, Saul's soldiers come to David's house; Michal tells them that David is ill, Solomon gives verdict; he commands a soldier to divide the living child in two, Solomon's bed guarded by sixty soldiers (Song of Solomon 3:7-10), St. Francis of Assisi gives his mantle to a poor soldier, St. Laurence before the prefect is scourged by Roman soldiers, and his flesh is torn with iron combs, St. Nicholas frees three soldiers from prison by appearing to emperor Constantine in a dream; Constantine sends the three released men with gifts to St. Nicholas, St. Nicholas prevents the execution by the sword of three innocent soldiers, Vertumnus trying to seduce Pomona in the guise of a fisherman, soldier or peasant, Zenobia Septima, queen of Palmyra, addresses her soldiers before the battle, a soldier carries Amasa's bleeding body off the road, a soldier, ordered to kill C. Marius, kept prisoner at Minturnae, is so impressed by Marius' stern countenance that the dagger falls from his hand, as Esau, usually represented as a soldier, approaches with four hundred men, Jacob divides the children among his wives, as soon as Jehu has presented the offerings, he orders his soldiers to kill all the Baal adherents, aseveljeys, at night, an angel of the Lord decimates the Assyrian camp: 185.000 soldiers are killed, at the brook Kidron all David's servants and soldiers and all the inhabitants of the city pass before him; all the people weep, death of Archimedes: the mathematician is killed by a soldier while drawing a diagram in the sand; 'Noli turbare circulos meos', death of Athalia: she is seized by soldiers, brought to the palace and killed at the Horse gate, death of Cicero: he is slain by soldiers at the order of the triumvirs, death of Lucius Siccius; he makes a last desperate effort against the soldiers who were ordered to murder him, death of Tarpeia: she is crushed under the shields of the Sabines, as punishment for betraying her country, death of Thomas: he is brought out of the city by four soldiers, who kill him with their lances, death of the Cimbrian women: standing at their waggons they kill their families and themselves, to escape falling into the hands of the Roman soldiers, fight between farmers and soldiers, forty Christian Roman soldiers are driven naked on the frozen lake of Sebaste in Armenia, in Pilate's palace Christ is mocked by soldiers (Luke 22:63-65), kreikkalaiset soturit piiloutuvat puisen hevosen sisään, massacre under the Triumvirate: Octavian, Mark Antony and Lepidus are seated in state watching the massacre by the Roman soldiery, non-combatants during passage of soldiers, one of Trajan's soldiers inadvertently kills the little son of a widow, one of the soldiers (Stephaton) gives Christ vinegar on a sponge attached to a pole or lance, orjantappurakruunaus: kepein varustautuneet sotilaat asettavat orjantappurakruunun Kristuksen päähän panevat ruokokepin hänen käteensä (Matt. 27:27-31; Mark. 15:16-20; Joh. 19:2-3), partisaanit, pelästyneet ja/tai nukkuvat sotilaat Kristuksen haudalla, privates, pursued by Absalom's soldiers Ahimaaz and Jonathan hide in a pit in a house at Baharim; a woman spreads a cover with corn over the pit, ranks in the army, ranks; division of armed forces, ritarimarttyyri Pyhä Yrjö (Georgius); mahdolliset attribuutit: sotalippu (punainen risti valkealla pohjalla), (punainen) risti, lohikäärme, (valkoinen) hevonen, murtunut peitsi, kilpi (jossa risti), miekka, samurait, sissit, sleeping soldiers at the tomb of Christ, soldiers and civilians, soldiers casting lots for or quarrelling over Christ's seamless garment, soldiers entering Bethlehem ~ massacre of the innocents, soldiers guarding the sepulchre of Christ, soldiers of Egeas try to loosen Andrew from the cross, but their hands are paralysed, soldiers of Herod questioning the farmer, who is cutting the ripe wheat, soldiers throwing dice for Christ's seamless garment ~ Christ's death on the cross, sotilas, sotilaan elämä, the (negro-)warrior Maurice (Mauritius) of Agaunum, commander of the Theban Legion, and martyr; possible attributes: banner, lance, shield (with trefoil cross), the Four Crowned Martyrs, soldiers, sculptors, stonemasons, the 'quattuor coronati'; possible attributes: crown, sculptor's tools, e.g. chisel, compasses, hammer, square, the Israelite spies hide in the hills for three days while the soldiers of the king of Jericho search for them all over the countryside, the Israelites march around Jericho: in the procession the main body of the soldiers comes first, next are seven priests who blow on trumpets, followed by the priests carrying the ark and a rear guard, the Roman soldier and hunter Eustace (Eustachius, Eustathius); possible attributes: banner, bull of brass, cuirass, hunting horn, lance, stag's head with crucifix, sword, two sons, wife, the Syrians attack King Jehoshaphat, whom they presume to be king of Israel, until they realize their mistake; a Syrian soldier accidentally shoots an arrow which strikes Ahab, the battle of the Milvian bridge (Saxa Rubra): St. Constantine on horseback confronts Maxentius; a cross appears in the sky with in fiery letters 'in hoc signo vinces' (the raised standards of the Roman soldiers carry a cross or the chi-rho monogram), the centurion confessing his belief in Christ; sometimes the soldiers do the same, the messenger who brought David the message of Saul's death is put to death by one of David's soldiers, the soldier Longinus (the centurion) of Caesarea; possible attributes: lance, pyx, the soldier martyr Florian of Lorch; possible attributes: bucket (pitcher), lance with banner, millstone, palm-branch, shield (with cross), sword, the soldier martyr Gereon of Cologne; possible attributes: banner, cross on chest, lance, shield, sword, the soldier martyr Theodore Stratelates of Euchaïta; possible attributes: cuirass, lance, spear, the soldier, martyr and gaoler Hippolytus; possible attributes: hackle, key, rope, the soldiers breaking the limbs of the malefactors with clubs, ...
lisätiedot Sotilasarvojen nimiä voi käyttää asiasanoina, esim. kersantit
luoja Museoalan asiasanasto
nimi soldater, soldiers, sotilaat, sotilas
parentNonPreferred armeijat
prefLabel soldater, soldiers, sotilaat
suppeampi käsite desantit, hakkapeliitat, jääkärit, kaukopartiot, lapsisotilaat, palkkasoturit, partisaanit, rakuunat, rauhanturvaajat, ruotusotilaat, sissit
vastaa keyword174341280247, p2504, p300185678, sotilaat, sotilas
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