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käsite, YSO-käsite, asiasana: ylpeys


AAT-näkymä Teema
Kaunokki-tunnus 43516
definedConcept Y21586
koodi 43516
kuuluu sanastoon kaunokki-ontologia
laajempi käsite luonteenpiirteet
liittyy Antigone changed into a stork: for comparing herself to Juno, the goddess changes Antigone, daughter of Laomedon, into a stork (Ovid, Metamorphoses VI 93), Arachne challenges Minerva to a weaving contest (Arachne as yet not metamorphosed), Arrogance; 'Arroganza' (Ripa), Boast; 'Iattanza' (Ripa), Cinyras' daughters changed into temple steps: for comparing themselves to Juno, Cinyras' daughters are changed into temple steps (Ovid, Metamorphoses VI 98), Complacency, Self-conceit, Hybris, King Nebuchadnezzar looking out proudly over Babylon from the roof of his palace: 'Is not this great Babylon, that I have built ...'; a voice from heaven foretells his downfall, Lethaea and Olenus changed into stones: on account of their pride, Lethaea and her husband Olenus are changed into stones (Ovid, Metamorphoses X 70), Niobe tries to dissuade the Theban women from worshipping Latona, boasting of her own superiority, Peristera changed into a dove: Peristera, who challenged Venus to a contest in picking flowers, is changed into a dove by Cupid, who was assisting his mother, Pride, Loftiness; 'Alterezza in persona nata povera civile' (Ripa), Pride; 'Superbia' (Ripa) ~ personification of one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Rhodope and Haemus changed into mountains: because they insolently likened themselves to Juno and Jupiter, Rhodope and her brother-husband Haemus are changed into mountains (Ovid, Metamorphoses VI 87), Shamelessness, at home Haman boasts to his wife and friends of his success, but complains about Mordecai, death of Chione, daughter of Daedalion: she is shot in the tongue by Diana for comparing her own beauty with that of the goddess, kerskailu, the Pygmaean queen changed into a crane: as punishment for boasting herself fairer than Juno, the Pygmaean queen (Oinoe or Gerana) is changed into a crane by the goddess (Ovid, Metamorphoses VI 90), the Virgin Mary, interceding for mankind, presents St. Dominic and usually also St. Francis of Assisi to Christ; Christ brandishes three spears or arrows to destroy the sins of Pride, Avarice and Lust, vaatimattomuus, ylimielisyys
nimi pride, stolthet, ylpeys
prefLabel pride, stolthet, ylpeys
vastaa keyword174340173494, p3892, ylpeys
yläluokka mentaaliset ilmiöt, mentaaliset ominaisuudet

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