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käsite, TAO-käsite, YSO-käsite, AFO-käsite, asiasana: vauvat


AAT-näkymä Henkilö, toimijat
Kaunokki-tunnus 44441
agcx infants
altLabel imeväisikäiset, spädbarn
cc C60 elintarviketieteet
definedConcept Y6023
fte babies, infants
koodi 44441
kuuluu sanastoon kaunokki-ontologia
laajempi käsite ikäryhmät, lapset, lapset
liittyy 'sandek', person holding the infant on a cushion or pillow on his lap at circumcision ~ Jewish ceremonies, (Joachim and Anna with) the baby Mary, Aeolus throws the child from the incestuous union of Canace and Macareus to the dogs, Ambrosius, Milanon piispa; mahdolliset attribuutit: mehiläispesä, kehdossa oleva lapsi, kolmisolmuinen ruoska, Apollo hands Aesculapius over to Chiron, Ceres is hospitably received by Celeus and his wife Metanira, and tends their new-born child Demophon (alternatively Triptolemus), Ceres is interrupted while holding the child Demophon (or Triptolemus) in the fire to make it immortal, and reveals her divinity, Faustulus brings Romulus and Remus to his wife (Acca) Larentia, whose baby has just died, Jason's mother, pretending the child is still-born, smuggles him out of the city to Chiron, Jochebed makes an ark (or basket) of bulrushes daubed with pitch and puts Moses in it, Jupiter pelastaa Bacchus-vauvan, Mercury hands the baby Bacchus over to the nymphs of Nysa, Metabus, Camilla's father, with the enemy almost upon him, throws the baby Camilla, lashed on his spear, over the river Amasenus and invokes Diana's help, Mithridates' wife substitutes her own still-born child for Cyrus, Moses (alone) in the bulrushes, Moses is either presented to Pharaoh's daughter or surrounded by women fondling him, St. Bonaventura raises a still-born child, St. Nicholas as baby refuses his mother's breast on fasting days, St. Nicholas as new-born baby stands up in his bath with his hands joined in thanksgiving, Telephus takes refuge on the house altar with the infant Orestes in his arms, baby in swaddling clothes, bees swarm around the head of St. Ambrose and alight on his mouth as he lies in his cradle, birth of Adonis: the tree splits open to release the baby; the Naiads take care of him, child with the marks of maternal impression, keskoset, klassinen mytologia ja antiikin historia, on their return the Seven find the child Opheltes dead; they kill the snake (or dragon), bury Opheltes, and institute the Nemean games in the boy's honour, ordeal by fire of the new-born St. Onuphrius: the child is held in a burning fire, but comes out unharmed and thus proves its legitimacy, pretended bringers of babies, pretended places where the babies grow, servants save the infant Pyrrhus from the pursuit of the enemies of his father; when unable to cross a swollen river unaided they hurl a message tied either to a stone or a javelin across the water beseeching help, still-born child, syntymä, syntymä, syntymä, syntymä, syntymä, syntymä, syntymä, syntymä, syntymä, syntymä, the birth of Stephen: the devil takes away the new-born baby and replaces it by another, the devil exchanges the new-born baby for another child ~ birth of Bartholomew, the finding of the baby Augustus (Gaius Octavius): when his cradle is found empty, a search-party discovers the baby lying on the top of a lofty tower, his face turned towards the rising sun, the founder of the Vincentian (Lazarist) Congregation (of Mission Priests) and of the Sisters of Charity, Vincent de Paul; possible attributes: infant, the infant Jupiter is guarded by the Curetes, the wife of the Provençal prince dies during a storm at sea after giving birth to a son, the young Opheltes, left on the ground, is bitten by a snake (or dragon) and dies, vastasyntyneet, vastasyntynyt lapsi, vastasyntynyt, vauva, vauva ~ ihmisen ikäkaudet, vauvat ja lapset, young Orestes, son of Agamemnon and Clytaemnestra, is saved from his father's murderers by his nurse Arsinoe or his sister Electra, and brought to King Strophius
nimi babies, babyer, vauva, vauvat
prefLabel babies, babyer, vauvat
rtx ikäryhmät, imeväiset, lapset
vastaa keyword174340916838, p15937, vauva, vauvat, vauvat
yläluokka lapset

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