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käsite, YSO-käsite, asiasana: piispat


AAT-näkymä Henkilö, toimijat
Kaunokki-tunnus 44457
definedConcept Y4035
koodi 44457
kuuluu sanastoon kaunokki-ontologia
laajempi käsite kirkon työntekijät
liittyy Aaron (not in biblical context); possible attributes: attributes of Aaron: censer, dressed as high priest or bishop, ointment jar, rod or flowering wand, Amand(us) of Maastricht; possible attributes: snake, Ambrosius, Milanon piispa; mahdolliset attribuutit: mehiläispesä, kehdossa oleva lapsi, kolmisolmuinen ruoska, Andrew Corsini, Carmelite friar and bishop of Fiesole; possible attributes: aspergillum, lamb, sword, wolf, Andrew as a pilgrim saving a bishop who is tempted by a devil in the guise of a beautiful woman, Athanasius the Great, bishop of Alexandria; possible attributes: book, heretic under feet, scroll, Augustine, bishop of Hippo; possible attributes: arrows piercing his breast, book, child with spoon, flaming heart, heart (pierced with arrows), pen, Basil the Great (Basilius Magnus), bishop of Caesarea; possible attributes: dove, (column of) fire, Bonaventura, cardinal bishop of Albano and Minister General of the Franciscan Order; possible attributes: book, cardinal's hat (sometimes hanging from a tree), crucifix (sometimes flowering), Firenzen piispa, Zenobius; mahdolliset attribuutit: heraldinen lilja (fleur-de-lis, Firenzen embleemi) hänen sädekehässään, papinkaavussaan tai kirjassa, Hilary (Hilarius), bishop of Poitiers; possible attributes: serpent(s), James leading the community in Jerusalem as their first bishop, Lambert(us), martyr bishop of Maastricht and patron of Liège; possible attributes: arrow, bear, cloth with flames, lance, nobleman under crozier, rationale, sword, two armed men under feet, Louis of Anjou, son of the king of Naples, Franciscan friar, and bishop of Toulouse; possible attributes: fleur-de-lis on his cope, crown and sceptre, Lucian the priest is told by the appearance of Gamaliel where to find the grave of Stephen; he informs the bishop of Jerusalem, Martial(is), bishop of Limoges; possible attributes: staff, Martin(us), bishop of Tours; possible attributes: beggar, goose, Saturninus (Sernin), martyr and bishop of Toulouse; possible attributes: bull, Servatius, bishop of Tongeren and Maastricht; possible attributes: clog (wooden shoe), dragon, eagle, key, St. Afra, the harlot, is converted by bishop Narcissus, St. Ambrose, when addressing a crowd, is elected bishop by a child crying out: 'Ambrosius episcopus!', St. Cyprian is converted (and consecrated bishop); he burns his magic books, St. Eloi as goldsmith chasing a cup in his workshop, often dressed as bishop, St. Francis of Assisi rejects his earthly heritage; standing before the bishop he gives his fine clothes to his father; the bishop covers Francis with his cloak, St. Francis of Sales (as bishop without mitre) gives to St. Jane Frances of Chantal the Rule of her Order (of the Visitation), St. Justina is baptized by St. Prosdocimus, bishop of Padua, St. Leonard baptized by bishop Remigius of Rheims, St. Louis consecrated bishop of Toulouse by pope Boniface III, St. Nicholas consecrated bishop, St. Odilia baptized by bishop Erhard (and cured from blindness), St. Peter as first bishop of Rome, St. Severus is consecrated bishop, St. Severus the weaver is designated bishop by a dove on his shoulder; a crowd is shown mocking him, St. Willibrord consecrated bishop of Utrecht, Stephen is nursed by a hind and is discovered by bishop Julian, Thomas consecrates the three Wise Men as bishops, Ulrich, bishop of Augsburg; possible attributes: fish, rat, arkkipiispa, piispa jne. (roomalais-katolinen kirkko), arkkipiispat, bishop Remigius (Rémi) of Rheims; possible attributes: dove with a phial of oil in its beak, (kneeling) maiden, phial of oil, bishop St. Eloi preaching, bishop Vedastus (Foster, Vaast) of Arras; possible attributes: bear, wolf (with dead goose), bishop of Russian orthodox church, bishop's throne, emperor Theodosius and a bishop go to the cave to behold the Seven Sleepers after two hundred years, on Mount Gargano the Archangel Michael appears to Garganus, the bishop of Siponte, who had shot an arrow at a bull, solemn baptism (by bishop or priest), the Dominican friar and bishop of Ratisbon Albert the Great (Albertus Magnus); possible attributes: book, doctor's cap, pen, the Last Communion of St. Mary Magdalene, administered by St. Maximin, bishop of Aix, in his chapel; she kneels before him, supported by angels, the Virgin Mary appears to St. Andrew Corsini and urges him to accept the office of bishop, the apostle and martyr Barnabas of Cyprus, first bishop of Milan; possible attributes: Matthew's gospel, stones, the bishop Nicholas of Myra (or Bari); possible attributes: anchor, boat, three golden balls (on a book), three purses, three children in a tub, three maidens, the bishop and martyr Januarius of Benevento; possible attributes: book with two phials with blood, flames, the bishop of Geneva and Doctor of the Church, Francis of Sales; possible attributes: heart entwined with thorns, the bishop of Paris, Denis (Dionysius); possible attributes: chains, (upper part of) head in hands, the bishop of Verona, Zeno; possible attributes: fish dangling from rod or crozier, or lying on book at his feet, fishing-rod, the blacksmith and goldsmith Eloi (Eligius), bishop of Noyon; possible attributes: anvil, cup, (crown on) hammer, horse (missing one leg), horseleg, horseshoe, tongs, the brother of St. Martha and St. Mary Magdalene, Lazarus of Bethany, bishop of Marseilles; possible attributes: bishop's garment, book, the charity of bishop St. Eloi, e.g. he feeds the hungry, the four Latin (Western) Fathers of the Church together: Ambrose (usually as bishop), Jerome (usually as cardinal), Augustine (usually as bishop), Gregory the Great (usually as pope), the hermit, martyr, and possibly former bishop of Dublin, Rum(b)old (Rombaut) of Malines; possible attributes: axe, hoe, the hunter Hubert(us), bishop of Maastricht and Liège; possible attributes: hounds, hunting horn, key, stag with crucifix, (bishop's) stole, the martyr Blaise (Blasius), bishop of Sebaste; possible attributes: crossed candles, little boy, pig's head, wool-comb, the martyr Erasmus (Elmo), bishop of Formiae; possible attributes: boat, capstan, carpenter's nails under fingernails, cauldron, windlass with entrails, the martyr and bishop Donatus of Arezzo; possible attributes: (broken) chalice, dragon, sword, the martyr bishop Livinus (Lebuin) of Ghent; possible attributes: tongue in pincers, the monk and bishop Gregory of Nazianzus, also called the Theologian; possible attributes: book, scroll, the schoolmaster, martyr and bishop, Cassian(us) of Imola; possible attributes: style, the weaver Severus, bishop of Ravenna; possible attributes: dove, weaver's loom and tools
nimi bishops, biskopar, piispa, piispat
prefLabel bishops, biskopar, piispat
vastaa keyword174340291989, p5769, piispa
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