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käsite, YSO-käsite, asiasana: jumalat


AAT-näkymä Henkilö, toimijat
Kaunokki-tunnus 44568
definedConcept Y1582
koodi 44568
kuuluu sanastoon kaunokki-ontologia
liittyy 'In the beginning ...' the ordering of chaos (Genesis 1:1-2), 'You shall love the Lord ...' ~ doctrine of Christ on love, etc., 'the sayings of the wise are like goads ...' ~ God whipping the Preacher, 'you shall have no other gods' ~ separate representation of the first of the ten commandments, Akhilles raivoaa taistelukentällä; jumalat laskeutuvat Olympokselta ottaakseen osaa taisteluun (Ilias XX-XXII), Amos sees the Lord standing on the altar, ordering its destruction, Asa's covenant with God, Christ strides up into heaven, holding God's hand or assisted by angel(s), David dedicates all the spoils of the Syrians and all the presents of Toi to the Lord, David is told that God has blessed the house of Obed-edom, David places the ark in a tent, burns offerings before the Lord and distributes bread, meat and wine to everyone, Decius Mus devotes himself to the infernal deities, Deity, God (in general) ~ Christian religion, Evander arrives in Italy with his mother Carmenta (Carmentis) who stays the steersman's hand and hails the gods, Evander introduces the Greek alphabet and the worship of Greek deities in Italy, Ezekiel's vision of God sitting on his throne carried by four tetramorphs, each of them having four wings; wheels within wheels beside them, Ezekiel's vision of God's entry into the temple; Ezekiel falls to the ground, Ezekiel's vision of God: an angel looking like fire takes him to God (through the air, by the hair) (Ezekiel 8), God (or angel) speaks to Paul during the night, God (or the hand of God) appears and blesses Abel ~ sacrifice, God appears in a dream to Laban, God appears to Aaron, God appears to Balaam in a dream, God appears to David with the symbols of the three punishments, God appears to Isaac (journey to Beersheba), God appears to Isaac and warns him not to journey into Egypt, God appears to the prophet Balaam for the second time, God blesses Jacob, and names him Israel, God blesses Job, God buries Moses on Mount Nebo, God comes down in the pillar of cloud at the door of the Tabernacle and rebukes Aaron and Miriam, God commands Elijah to present himself to King Ahab, God commands Samuel to anoint Saul, God gives Ezekiel a scroll, God looking upon the Israelites, God promises prosperity to those who keep his commandments, and destruction to those who break them (Leviticus 26), God punishes the inhabitants of Ashdod with emerods or boils, God punishes the inhabitants of Ekron with emerods or boils, God punishes the inhabitants of Gath with emerods or boils, God punishes the sinners of Beth-Shebesh, God relents and sends an angel who will guide the people to Canaan, God renews the covenant with Moses and writes the law on the tablets, God reprimanding Moses, God sends a plague on the people, God sends a priest with a meal to St. Benedict on Easter morning, God sends plagues upon Pharaoh ~ story of Abraham, God speaks to Job from out of the whirlwind (Job 38 - 42:6), God speaks to Nathan, God speaks to the prophet Gad, God tells Abraham of the impending destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and promises not to destroy the cities if he can find there ten just men, God threatens to punish Solomon for his idolatry, God ~ Jewish religion, God's covenant with Abraham (Genesis 15), God, seeing the repentance of the people of Nineveh, relents and spares the wicked city, Herkules taistelussa sankarien, jumalten, tai taruolentojen kanssa, Herra valitsee Daavidin kuninkaaksi (Ensimmäinen Samuelin kirja 16:1-13), Jaakobin uni: nukkuessaan maassa kivi tyynynään Jaakob näkee unen tikapuista, jotka ulottuvat maasta taivaaseen ja joita pitkin enkelit kulkevat ylös ja alas; yleensä Jumala tikapuiden yläpäässä, Jacob prays to God to save him from Esau, Jacob vows exclusive worship to God, Jacob's vision: God appears to him at night and sanctions his journey to Egypt, Job falls upon the ground and expresses his resignation to God's will, Job's friends are reproved by God, who orders them to offer a sacrifice, Jonah again receives from God the command to preach in Nineveh, Jonah is sent by God to Nineveh to preach to its sinful citizens, Jumala, Jumala, Jumala, Jumala, Jumalan palvelu, Kreikan jumalien kunniaksi järjestetyt juhlat ja festivaalit, Laomedon refuses to reward the gods, Mars and Venus, caught in a net by Vulcan, are exposed to the ridicule of the assembled gods, Mary magnifying the Lord ('Magnificat'), Micah is called by the Lord to prophesy (Micah 1:1), Moses and his companions see God on Mount Sinai, Moses chooses seventy elders to assist him and places them round the Tabernacle; the spirit of God descends upon them, Moses leads the people to the foot of the mountain and is called by God, Moses receives the tables of the law from God, Moses, kneeling before the bush and hiding his face, listens to God, Moses, standing on a cliff, sees God from behind, Olympoksen jumalat yhdessä: Jupiter, Juno, Neptunus, Ceres, Apollo, Diana, Mars, Venus, Merkurius, Minerva, Vulkanus, Vesta (tai Bacchus), Pandora surrounded by the gods on Olympus, Priapus creeps up to the resting Lotis (or Vesta) during a banquet of the gods, a braying ass stands nearby, Pyhä Kolminaisuus, 'Trinitas coelestis'; Isä, Poika ja Pyhä Henki ~ kristinusko, Rebekah asking God why the children in her womb struggle against each other, Rooman jumalien kunniaksi järjestetyt juhlat ja festivaalit, Solomon's dream: the Lord appears to him; Solomon prays for wisdom, St. John writing the Gospel, with inspiratory figure, e.g. angel, hand of God, Mary, St. Luke writing his gospel, inspiratory figure present, e.g.: angel(s), dove, hand of God, Mary, St. Mark writing the Gospel, inspiratory figure present, e.g. hand of God, Sophia, St. Nicholas of Tolentino as plague patron: with his hand he stops the arrows sent down by God or an angel, Temptation and Fall: Adam and Eve in paradise (after the Fall) (Genesis 3:8-21), Terah turns Abraham over to King Nimrod, who condemns him to be cast into the fire (or fiery furnace) of the Chaldeans; he is miraculously rescued by God, Uranuksen ja Gaian jälkeläiset (Titaanit, Kykloopit, Centimanit, Venus and Cupid escape on the back of two fishes when the gods flee from Typhon, Zacharias praising the Lord, Zechariah is called by the Lord to prophesy (Zechariah 1:1), Zephaniah is called by the Lord to prophesy (Zephaniah 1:1), a cloud covers the Tabernacle, which is then filled with glory (when the cloud rises from the Tabernacle the Israelites break camp) (Exodus 40:34-38; Numbers 9:15-23), after a furious wind, an earthquake and a fire, Elijah hears God's voice and covers his face with his cloak, as Elijah prays, God sends fire which burns up not only his sacrifice but also the altar itself; the people fall prostrate, ...
lisätiedot Eri uskontokuntien jumalien nimiä voi käyttää asiasanoina esim. Allah, Isis
nimi Jumala, Jumalan käsi, gods, gudar, jumalat
nimi jumala
on sama kuin Jumala
prefLabel gods, gudar, jumalat
suppeampi käsite puolijumalat
vastaa jumala, jumala, jumalan kasi, jumalat, keyword174340310055, p7943
yläluokka uskonnolliset ilmiöt

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