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käsite, YSO-käsite, asiasana: paholainen


AAT-näkymä Henkilö, toimijat
Kaunokki-tunnus 44486
altLabel fan, piru, saatana, satan, sielunvihollinen, själafienden
definedConcept Y9727
koodi 44486
kuuluu sanastoon kaunokki-ontologia
liittyy Andrew as a pilgrim saving a bishop who is tempted by a devil in the guise of a beautiful woman, Antikristus, Bartholomew's mother makes a pact with the devil, Belial dancing before King Solomon, Christ stabs Satan with a lance or a cross, Christ steps on devil(s), Christ, sometimes accompanied by guardian angel(s), tempted by Satan, who usually appears in human form, Death as devilish being, Devilishness, Dives dies; his soul is brought into hell by devils, Hermogenes sends devils to James, Job on the dunghill with Satan (or devils) abusing and tormenting him; Job's wife may be present, Job's wife abusing him; Satan may be present, John Gualberto, the Benedictine monk, founder of the Order of Vallombrosa; possible attributes: book, crucifix, devil (or heretic) under foot, T-shaped staff, Joshua, the high priest, with the angel of the Lord and Satan (Zechariah 3), Jumala, King Solomon on horseback stabs a female devil to death, Mary conquering the devil, Mary saving a child that was dedicated to the devil, Mikael ja hänen enkelinsä taistelevat lohikäärmettä ja tämän seuraajia vastaan; lohikäärme (Paholainen, Saatana) syöstään alas taivaasta, Saatanan lankeaminen, Luciferin lankeaminen, Saatanan tuomio (Antikristus), Satan enters Judas ~ Last Supper, Satan in fetters ~ Christ in hell, Satan withdrawing from Christ ~ temptation of Christ in the wilderness, St. Antony Abbot tormented by devils, attacking him on the ground or carrying him aloft, St. Bavo healing a man possessed by the devil, St. Benedict as solitary in a cave ~ the devil breaks the bell and cuts the rope, St. Benedict exorcizes a demon from a stone that could not be moved, St. Benedict exorcizing the devil, St. Bernard's victory over the devil, St. Christopher serving a king who is afraid of Satan, St. Christopher serving the devil, who is scared of the cross, St. Cyriacus of Rome as exorcist: he delivers the daughter of emperor Diocletian, Artemia, from the possession by a devil; he reads from his book and winds his stole round her neck, St. Ignatius of Loyola, standing at the top of the altar steps, exorcizing devils from possessed persons; angels chase away the demons, St. Juliana overpowering the devil: she chains or binds him and drags him to the latrine, St. Margaret in her dungeon is swallowed by a dragon (Satan), St. Martin exorcizes the devil, St. Nicholas appears to pilgrims who had received a flask of oil from the devil (or Diana) disguised as a pious woman; they pour the oil into the sea whereupon it bursts into flames, St. Odilia, kneeling down in prayer, releases the soul of her father, duke Attich, from purgatory; an angel pulls the duke out of the flames, while devils try to draw him back, St. Walburga, crossing the sea with her nuns, calms down a storm raised by the devil, thus saving the ship, adult Christ ~ devil(s) and demonic creatures, an angel receives Abel's lamb, while a devil may be assisting Cain, an angel with a key and a chain binds the dragon (Satan) and casts him into the pit, angels and devils fighting over the soul, angels rescuing a soul pursued by devils, apostles preach and perform miracles (exorcising devils; healing sickness; raising dead; baptizing), comprehensive representation of Last Judgement: Christ (with sword and lily), often surrounded by elders and sometimes accompanied by Mary and John the Baptist, appears in the sky with trumpeting angels (and sometimes angels holding the instruments of the Passion); after the resurrection of the dead the blessed are led to heaven by angels, and the damned are dragged into hell by devils, death-bed of St. Henry: the weighing of his soul by the archangel Michael; devils are in one scale, St. Laurence puts a precious cup in Henry's scale, demonit, devil carrying the soul off, devil giving blackbook in exchange for the gospels ~ witches' sabbath, devil(s) and demons: Satan, devils dragging the damned into the fire of hell, exorcism of Eudoxia: a devil tells that the relics of Stephen should be brought from Constantinople to Rome, exorcizing the devil, kapinallisten enkelien lankeaminen, jolloin niistä tulee paholaisia, legend of the monk Theophilus, who sold his soul to the devil (Mary-legend), pact with the devil during witches' sabbath, paholainen (paholaiset), paholainen (paholaiset), paholaisen (usein pukin muodossa) palvonta noitasapatin aikana, paholaiset ja demonit, psychostasis, the Archangel Michael weighing the souls in the scales (and stabbing the devil), representations of hell (with the damned and devils), usually with burning fires, shadow sold to the devil, the 'sons of God' (angels) with Satan gather before God (Job 1:6-12), the 'sons of God' with Satan gather again before God (Job 2:1-6), the Archangel Michael fighting the dragon (devil, Satan), the Devil (usually disguised as a woman) tries to seduce St. Eloi; he holds the Devil by the nose with a pair of tongs, the apostle Bartholomew; possible attributes: book, devil or dragon at feet, knife, scroll, flayed skin, staff, the birth of Stephen: the devil takes away the new-born baby and replaces it by another, the contest of St. Michael and Satan for the body of Moses on Mount Nebo (Jude 9), the damned souls beaten, pricked, scourged, etc. by devils, the devil escapes, perforating the bottom of the ark, the grass snake fills the gap with its tail to prevent the ark from sinking, the devil exchanges the new-born baby for another child ~ birth of Bartholomew, the devil or devilish animals attacking the cross of Christ (iconographic particularity to be used as additional notation only), the devil stealing the ink-well ~ John on Patmos, the devil tries to prevent the building of the ark, the founder of the Praemonstratensians, and archbishop of Magdeburg, Norbert; possible attributes: chalice (with spider), devil under feet, monstrance, the heretic Tankelin, the plague of the monstrous locusts with crowns, led by Apollyon, the saints Mark, George and Nicholas rescue Venice from a flood by exorcizing devil(s) from a boat during a storm; a fisherman is presented with Mark's ring, the virgin martyr Dympna of Gheel; possible attributes: crown, devil under foot or on chain, sceptre, sword, the virgin martyr Juliana of Nicomedia; possible attributes: book, devil under feet, (or on chain), palm, sword, whip, while the sower and his servants slept, his enemy (the Devil) sowed tares among the wheat, witch chastised by Black John, the devil, witch, sorcerer with the devil and/or demons
nimi devil, djävulen, paholainen, piru, saatana
on sama kuin saatana
prefLabel devil, djävulen, paholainen
vastaa keyword174340329504, p11834, paholainen, piru
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