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liittyy 'grass of the field ... today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven' ~ doctrine of Christ on anxiety and precaution (Matthew 6:30; Luke 12:28), 'the Kingdom of Heaven is like treasure hidden in a field' ~ proverbial saying of Christ (Matthew 13:44), Abimelech takes the city of Shechem and destroys it, while two companies kill the people in the fields, Absalom sets Joab's field on fire, Aeneas in the Elysian Fields, David consulting Jonathan (in the field); Jonathan pledges his loyalty, Elysium, Elysionin kentät; Autuaiden Saaret, Ezekiel's vision of the valley of the dry bones (Ezekiel 37:1-10), Isaac, walking in the fields, meets Rebekah, Jacob buys the field from Hamor's sons for hundred pieces of silver, Jehu orders Jehoram's body to be thrown in the field that belonged to Naboth, King Nebuchadnezzar has a golden statue made and erected outside Babylon in the plain of Dura, King Zerah invades Judah with a huge army and meets Asa with his army in the valley of Zephathah, Pharaoh, as a dragon or a crocodile, falls upon the open fields ~ Ezekiel's prophecies, Ruth in the field of Boaz (Ruth 2:3-17), Samson ties three hundred foxes two by two by their tails with a fire-brand in between; with the torches on fire he lets them go into the cornfields of the Philistines which are set aflame, Saul meets three men in the plain of Thabor, who offer him two loaves of bread, a sower sowed good seeds in his field ~ tares among the wheat, a wild boar, sent by Diana, ravages the fields of Calydon, battle of the Maccabees against Demetrius II Nikator of Syria in the valley of Asor (1 Maccabees 11:67-74), bulb field, grounds, fields and accomodations for sports, games and physical performances, laakso, meeting of David and Jonathan in the field, steppes, open fields, syntymä, tasanko, the Israelites on their way to the valley of the Moabites (Numbers 21:10-20), the Israelites work in the fields ~ Exodus, the Moabites are defeated, their cities destroyed, and their fields covered with stones, the field of Anathoth (Jeremiah 32), valley (in polar regions), valley (in tropical and sub-tropical regions), when the son of the Shunammite woman joins his father and the harvest workers in the field he collapses, while St. Isidore the Labourer is praying in the field before a statue (of the Madonna), an angel ploughs for him with white oxen
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