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käsite, YSO-käsite, asiasana, AAT-käsite: tuli


Events where something is totally or partially consumed by fire, whether intentionally or by accident. For the process of altering, injuring, or consuming something by fire or heat, see "burning."

AAT-näkymä Teema
Kaunokki-tunnus 46385
definedConcept Y16830
distinguished from burning
id 300068986
koodi 46385
kuuluu sanastoon kaunokki-ontologia
kuvaus Events where something is totally or partially consumed by fire, whether intentionally or by accident. For the process of altering, injuring, or consuming something by fire or heat, see "burning."
laajempi käsite tapahtumat
liittyy 'Colerico (per il fuoco)' (Ripa), 'I came to cast fire upon the earth' ~ sayings of Christ (Luke 12:49), (pillar of) fire ~ symbol of God the Father, Alexander yields his seat by the fire to one of his soldiers, Basil the Great (Basilius Magnus), bishop of Caesarea; possible attributes: dove, (column of) fire, Bellerophon, flying on Pegasus' back, kills the Chimera, a fire-breathing monster, with arrows or a spear, Cacus, the fire-breathing monster is killed in his cave by Hercules, Ceres drives her chariot, drawn by dragons, and holds one or two torches, lit at the fires of Etna, Ceres is interrupted while holding the child Demophon (or Triptolemus) in the fire to make it immortal, and reveals her divinity, Elia nousee tulisilla vaunuilla taivaaseen: tulisten ja tuulispäisten hevosten vetämät sotavaunut ilmestyvät ja Elia nousee niissä taivaaseen; Elian viitta putoaa (tai hän ojentaa sen Elisalle), Elijah as protector against fire, Ezekiel's vision of God: an angel looking like fire takes him to God (through the air, by the hair) (Ezekiel 8), Frigg, wife of Odin, takes oaths from all creatures, as well as from fire, water, metals, trees, stones and illnesses, not to harm her son Balder; she leaves out the mistletoe, Gaius Mucius Scaevola before Porsena: he thrusts his right hand into the flames (the body of the king's secretary who erroneously had been killed instead of Porsena may be seen lying on the ground), God sends fire which consumes the offerings on the altar, Haran, Abraham's brother, having witnessed the miracle, decides to undergo the test of fire as well, but is immediately consumed, Jason hitches the fire-breathing bulls to the plough, Korah and his followers, holding censers, face Moses and Aaron before the door of the Tabernacle (or beside an altar); the rebels are destroyed by fire of the Lord, Lavinia's long hair catches fire during a sacrifice, Manius Curius Dentatus, while cooking a simple meal at his hearth, refuses the gifts of the Samnites, Moses' trial by fire: when given the choice between two plates, one containing burning coals, the other a ruby ring (or cherries), Moses chooses the burning coals and puts them in his mouth, Phaethon drives the chariot of the sun; the earth is threatened with conflagration, Prometheus tuo tulen ihmiskunnalle, St. Agatha as protectress against fire, with a burning house, St. Benedict's vision of the fiery globe (sometimes carried by angels), St. Elmo's fire, St. Florian as protector against fire with a burning house, or throwing water from a pitcher or bucket over a burning house (or church), St. Francis of Assisi appearing in a fiery chariot, St. Francis of Assisi preaching before the Sultan of Egypt; to convert the sultan he is about to walk through a fire, St. George is hung upside down above a fire, St. Ignatius extinguishes a fire, St. John Gualberto present at the ordeal by fire of a monk of his Order to prove the truth of John's accusations about the simony of the archbishop of Florence, St. Sebald makes a burning fire out of icicles, Terah turns Abraham over to King Nimrod, who condemns him to be cast into the fire (or fiery furnace) of the Chaldeans; he is miraculously rescued by God, Thetis holds Achilles in the fire, a miracle occurs in Aeneas' house: Ascanius' head catches fire but it does not harm him, a rain-storm extinguishes the fire lighted by the Trojan women, accidental death ~ fire, after a furious wind, an earthquake and a fire, Elijah hears God's voice and covers his face with his cloak, after the furnace has been heated seven times more, the three Hebrews are bound and thrown into the fire; their executioners are burnt by the flames, after the shipwreck Paul and his men are kindly received by the inhabitants of Malta, who make fire, altarlamp, altar fire, as Elijah prays, God sends fire which burns up not only his sacrifice but also the altar itself; the people fall prostrate, at Rheims, St. Remigius extinguishes a fire lighted by demons, at Taberah the people are punished by fire which consumes one end of the camp, avotuli (yleensä), by night, fire stays on the Tabernacle, death and hell are cast into the lake of fire, devils dragging the damned into the fire of hell, discovery of fire, fire from heaven devours Satan, Gog and Magog, and Satan is cast into a lake of fire, fire issues from the throne and conquers the beasts ~ Daniel's visions, fire, oven, furnace ~ interior of industrial structure, itsensä lämmittely tulen (tai lieden, uunin jne.) ääressä, kitchen-fire, kuolema, light, fire, smoke, etc. used for signalling, many Greek ships, returning after the fall of Troy, wreck on the Euboean coast because Nauplius has lit false beacons, metsäpalo, mysterious phenomena and occurrences ~ fire and heat, ordeal by fire or heat, rejuvenation by means of fire, or by boiling, representations of hell (with the damned and devils), usually with burning fires, salamander (fabulous animal); salamander as spirit of fire, syntymä, the Lord will send a fire into the house of Hazael, the Lord will send a fire upon Judah and it shall devour the palace of Jerusalem ~ prophecy of Amos, the angel of the Lord touches the food with his staff, fire arises from the rock, the first of the seven angels sounds the trumpet: hail, fire and blood is cast upon the earth, the mass of St. Martin: Martin is shown celebrating Mass in an ill-fitting smock, having given his chasuble to a needy beggar; in church at the altar, a ball of fire descends on his head, and angels cover his arms with sleeves of gold and precious stones, the plague of hail: Moses raises his rod towards the sky, and hail and fire fall to the ground, the two witnesses of God kill their enemies with fire, the vision of the devouring fire ~ the book of Amos, tuli (yhtenä neljästä elementistä), tulipalo (kaupunki, talo, metsä jne.), tulipalon sammuttaminen, two sons of Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, offer incense in their censers to God, who punishes them for this by sending a fire that kills them, violent death ~ fire, when Elisha's servant notices the Syrian troops he is terrified, but Elisha opens his eyes and he sees the hillside covered with horses and chariots of fire, when they reach Elijah, fire comes down and kills the officer and his men; their replacement is stricken also, while celebrating mass, St. Vincent de Paul sees a fiery globe ascend to heaven and unite with another one (the souls of Jane Frances of Chantal and Francis of Sales), while the young Servius Tullius is asleep in the palace, his head catches fire, but it does not harm him; Tanaquil and Tarquin witness the scene
nimi eld, fire, fires, tuli
on sama kuin Tuli, p300068986
prefLabel eld, fire, tuli
vastaa keyword174340272458, p17691, tuli
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