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käsite, YSO-koostekäsite: korit (kooste)


altLabel korit
liittyy Amos sees a basket of fruit ~ visions of Amos, Erichthonius, hidden in a basket, is handed over by Minerva to Aglauros and her sisters (Cecrops' daughters) to be taken care of, Jochebed makes an ark (or basket) of bulrushes daubed with pitch and puts Moses in it, Kleopatran kuolema: hän tekee itsemurhan pitämällä rintaansa vasten aspiskäärmettä, jonka hän on ottanut viikunakorista, Mercury falls in love with Herse, when seeing her and her companions carry baskets full of flowers to the temple, Moses is pulled out of the water by the servants, Virgil in the basket, carrying something in basket, bag, rucksack, etc., container made of plant material other than wood: basket, disciples let Paul down the wall of the city in a basket, having asked for a sign Gideon prepares food and presents it in a basket to the angel, kneeling down to be beheaded, St. Dorothea is presented with a basket of roses and apples by a child, live-basket, lover hoisted up in a basket, the Augustine hermit, Nicholas of Tolentino; possible attributes: book, crucifix, (entwined with lilies), lily, (basket with) loaves, two doves (on a dish or flying away), star (on his breast), the baker's dream: birds pecking at three baskets of bread, the basket (ephah) with the leaden cover (Zechariah 5:5-11), the gathering of manna (in baskets and pots), the virgin martyr Dorothea of Caesarea; possible attributes: basket of roses and apples, child with basket of roses, garland of roses, roses in hand or lap, transport of grapes, urinal (and basket)
nimi kori, korit (kooste), korit_kooste
overlappedByDefinition 1.0
overlapsDefinition 1.0
prefLabel korit (kooste)
vastaa kori, korit kooste

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