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MAO-käsite, käsite: pikari


laajempi käsite juoma-astiat
liittyy 'elevatio', showing the Sacred Host and Chalice, 'kiddush' cup ~ Jewish Sabbath, 'koso shel Eliyyahu', cup for the prophet Elijah ~ 'Pesah', Abraham, wearing an armour, with a chalice and bread before an altar, Alexander refuses the drink of water offered to him by his soldiers during one of his campaigns, Apostoli Tuomas; mahdolliset attribuutit: kirja, pikari, vyö, sydän, keihäs tai peitsi, kirjakäärö, laskutaulu, kivet, Artemisia, queen of Caria, drinks from a cup the ashes of her husband Mausolus mixed in liquid, Bacchuksen attribuutit (NIMEN kanssa), Benedict of Nurcia, abbot of Monte Cassino and founder of the Benedictine Order; possible attributes: aspergillum, book, cup (sometimes broken), raven with loaf, sieve (or tray), Christ with chalice, and bread or Host, Christ-child in or on a chalice, Diogenes throws away his drinking-cup on seeing a boy drink from his cupped hands, John drinks from the poisoned chalice, given to him by the priest of Diana of Ephesus; John resuscitates two women who had already died from the poison, John the Baptist; possible attributes: book, reed cross, baptismal cup, honeycomb, lamb, staff, Joosef pitelee ennustus-maljaansa ja ilmoittaa veljien nimet ja iät, Joseph has his silver cup placed in Benjamin's sack, Melchizedek, usually in front of an altar, offers bread and wine in a chalice, Oswald, king of Northumbria and martyr; possible attributes: pyx (or cup), raven with a ring in its beak, Queen Cleophis submits to Alexander; she offers him a cup of wine, St. Benedict blesses a cup with poisoned wine; the cup breaks, St. Donatus miraculously repairs a chalice broken during mass, St. Eloi as goldsmith chasing a cup in his workshop, often dressed as bishop, St. Joseph of Arimathaea catching the blood of Christ hanging on the cross in a cup (the Holy Grail), St. Longinus catches the blood of crucified Christ in a cup, Ulysses at the house of Circe; she begs for mercy after Ulysses has resisted her drugged cup, Ulysses' companions changed into swine: when they drink from the cup offered by Circe, the enchantress, Ulysses' companions change into swine (Ovid, Metamorphoses XIV 276), a boy falls into the sea with a golden cup; St. Nicholas restores the boy and the cup to the boy's father, after having forced Apollo (Sol) to give up his golden goblet, Hercules uses it as a boat to cross the ocean, agony of Christ: to comfort him one or more angels appear to Christ with chalice and/or cross, an angel, holding a loaf of bread and a jar (or chalice) wakes Elijah, angel(s) catching Christ's blood in cup(s), angel(s) with chalice, apostoli Johannes evankelista; mahdolliset attribuutit: kirja, iso pata, pikari ja käärme, kotka, palmu, kirjakäärö, banquet of Mark Antony and Cleopatra: she dissolves a pearl in a cup of wine, which she then drinks, chalice bearing the Host, chalices, death-bed of St. Henry: the weighing of his soul by the archangel Michael; devils are in one scale, St. Laurence puts a precious cup in Henry's scale, having thrown a cup at Attalus during a banquet, Alexander quarrels with his father Philip, who threatens Alexander with his sword, kahvikuppi (teekuppi) ja lautanen, kupillinen kahvia, kupillinen teetä, kuppi, mug, beaker, goblet, nautilus cup, neitsytmarttyyri Barbara; mahdolliset attribuutit: kirja, kanuuna(nkuula), kruunu, risti, pateeni eli öylättiastia, Dioscuros (hänen isänsä), riikinkukon sulka, miekka, soihdut, muurarin välineet, torni, prize, wreath, medal, cup (sports ~ animals), prize, wreath, medal, cup (sports, games, etc.), punishment of Loki: he is bound to a rock; his wife Sigyn catches in a cup the poison of a snake placed above his head, representation of the Trinity: hand, chalice and dove, single instruments of the Passion (with NAME), the Carthusian monk and bishop of Lincoln, Hugh (Hugo); possible attributes: cup with infant Christ, swan, the Church personified, 'Ecclesia', usually with chalice and banner, the Dominican theologian, 'Angelic Doctor' Thomas of Aquino; possible attributes: book, (chain with) sun, dove, girdle of chastity, lily, model of church, monstrance (or chalice), mitre (under feet), star (on breast), the Praemonstratense friar Herman Joseph of Steinfeld; possible attributes of St. Herman Joseph: book, branch of roses, cup (with roses), infant Christ, key, knife, the abbess Gertrude of Nivelles; possible attributes: book, pastoral staff, crown, cup, demon, mouse or mice, model of church or hospital, palm, (healing) well, the blacksmith and goldsmith Eloi (Eligius), bishop of Noyon; possible attributes: anvil, cup, (crown on) hammer, horse (missing one leg), horseleg, horseshoe, tongs, the butler's dream: the grape-vine with three branches whose fruit the butler squeezes into the king's cup, the charity of St. Laurence: he distributes the treasures of the church (gold and silver dishes and cups, vessels) to the poor; he holds a bag of money, the cup is found in Benjamin's sack, the daughter of the innkeeper puts a silver cup in the luggage of a young pilgrim ~ James the Elder, the founder of the Praemonstratensians, and archbishop of Magdeburg, Norbert; possible attributes: chalice (with spider), devil under feet, monstrance, the heretic Tankelin, the hermit Onuphrius; possible attributes: chalice and host, cross, crown (or coins), at his feet, raven, two lions, the martyr and bishop Donatus of Arezzo; possible attributes: (broken) chalice, dragon, sword, the martyr and deacon Laurence of Rome; possible attributes: book, censer, cross, dalmatic, gridiron, palm, purse (or cup with golden coins), to convince a Jew, St. Antony of Padua leads an ass before the chalice and host; the ass kneels down
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