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käsite, YSO-käsite, VALO-käsite, Iconclass-luokkakäsite, AAT-käsite: kokoukset


Iconclass-tunnus 33 A 13
altLabel konferenssit, kongresser, kongressit, symposier, symposiumit
definedConcept Y2192
id 300054788
laajempi käsite saluting, tapahtumat
liittyy Aaron, with his censer running into the middle of the assembled people, stops the plague, and stands between the living and the dead, Christ appears to the apostles (gathered behind locked doors), Joshua encouraged by Moses in the presence of the assembled people, Mars and Venus, caught in a net by Vulcan, are exposed to the ridicule of the assembled gods, Moses and Aaron bow to the ground before the assembly, while Joshua and Caleb rend their clothes, Pandora surrounded by the gods on Olympus, Peter goes to 'the house of Mary the mother of John', where many disciples are gathered (and knocks at the door), Rehoboam, Solomon's son, comes to Shechem where the people of Northern Israel have gathered to make him king, all Jews are gathered in Jerusalem in the rain; Ezra preaches and warns against mixed marriages, assemblies and administrative bodies ~ Roman Catholic church, assembly of relatives ~ dying person, assembly of the Israelites at Mizpeh, assembly of the gods ~ Aeneas' return to the battle of Latium, assembly of the gods ~ story of Penelope, Telemachus, and the suitors, at the apostles' conference in Antioch Paul and Barnabas are sent to Jerusalem, before the assembled people King Josiah reads the book of Law, gathering in the temple of Baal, gathering of the Israelites at Mizpeh, gathering of the Latin leaders which is interrupted by the report that the Trojans are moving against the city, great assembly, great synagogue, 'Keneset ha-Gedolah' ~ Jewish culture, jumalten kokoukset ja neuvonpidot (yleensä), kokoontumiset, kokous, kokoontuminen, meeting of soldiers and/or officers, meeting of the B'nai B'rith society, negotiations, conference ~ diplomacy, neuvottelut, noitasapatti, eli noitien ja/tai velhojen seremoniallinen kokoontuminen, organizations, assemblies, etc. in Protestant churches, organizations, assemblies, etc. in movements related with or derived from Protestant churches, organizations, assemblies, etc. in religious sects, organizations, assemblies, etc. ~ episcopal Protestant churches, outdoor gathering, 'délices à la campagne', poliittinen kokous, propagandakokous, reunion, memorial gathering (~ veteran soldiers), seminaarit, the Trojan war: the gathering of the Greek heroes, the assembled Greeks in Aulis, the battles (of Titans, Giants, Typhon, Aloeids) with the gods, the convention in Jerusalem ~ missionary journeys of Paul, the discontented parents of a young disciple of Andrew's set fire to the house where the apostle and others are gathered, the gods beg Apollo (Sol), mourning for the death of Phaethon, to drive his chariot again, the meeting of the people of Ithaca; Telemachus demands that the suitors leave, the meeting of the silversmiths, led by Demetrius
nimi kokoukset, kokous, konferenssi, meeting, meetings, möten
on sama kuin not 33A13, p300054788
prefLabel kokoukset, meetings, möten
source Yleinen Suomalainen Asiasanasto#kokoukset
suppeampi käsite introducing, recognizing
vastaa kokoukset, kokous, konferenssi, p7500
yläluokka tapahtumat

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