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käsite, YSO-käsite, AFO-käsite: karhut


cc C15 biologia, C30 kotielaintiede
definedConcept Y1812
liittyy 'parandrus' (stag/bear), Arcas changed into a constellation: when Arcas is about to shoot the bear into which his mother, Callisto, has been changed, Jupiter turns him into a constellation (Ovid, Metamorphoses II 506), Atalante is exposed; she is suckled by a she-bear, Callisto changed into a bear: Juno changes Callisto, who is attending the young Arcas (her son by Jupiter), into a bear, Callisto changed into a constellation: Jupiter changes Callisto into a constellation, when, transformed into a bear she is about to be shot by Arcas (Ovid, Metamorphoses II 506), David kills a lion and a bear (or tells Saul about it), Edmund, king of East Anglia and martyr; possible attributes: arrow, bear, cross, crown, sceptre, Lambert(us), martyr bishop of Maastricht and patron of Liège; possible attributes: arrow, bear, cloth with flames, lance, nobleman under crozier, rationale, sword, two armed men under feet, St. Gall gives the bear a loaf, St. Thecla is thrown to the lions and bears in the arena, but the beasts do not harm her, St. Vedastus taming a wild bear that lived in the ruins of a church, a bear brings St. Gall a log of wood or a tree-trunk, a bear or a wolf guards the head of St. Edmund, bear-baiting, bear-pit, bears (circus performance), bishop Vedastus (Foster, Vaast) of Arras; possible attributes: bear, wolf (with dead goose), earning money with bear, petoeläimet: karhu, the baby (Paris) is suckled by a she-bear, the bear with three rows of teeth, rising on its hind legs ~ Daniel's visions, the monk and hermit Gall(us); possible attributes: bear, the virgin martyr Thecla of Iconium; possible attributes: bear, (ball of) flames, lion, pillar, serpents, two bears come out of the woods and tear the children who were mocking Elisha to pieces
nimi bears, björnar, karhu, karhut
on sama kuin Karhu
prefLabel bears, björnar, karhut
scx Ursidae
vastaa karhu, karhut, p8782
yläluokka petoeläimet, petoeläimet heimon mukaan

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