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käsite, asiasana: valtiot


AAT-näkymä Paikka, miljöö
Kaunokki-tunnus 46849
koodi 46849
kuuluu sanastoon kaunokki-ontologia
liittyy 'Malenconico (per la terra)', 'Malinconia' (Ripa), 'thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven' ~ the Lord's prayer, Ananias sells a piece of land and brings part of the price to the apostles, Arne changed into a daw: for receiving gold as the price for betraying her fatherland to Minos, Arne is changed into a daw (Ovid, Metamorphoses VII 464), Christ points to or writes on the ground, Cura making man with a clod of earth, Fama as Roman personification, Fame ~ artist, Fame ~ artist, Fame ~ scholar, scientist, Fame ~ writer, 'poeta laureata', Fame; 'Fama', 'Fama buona', 'Fama chiara' (Ripa), Gaia (Ge), Maa, Madonna: Mary sitting on the ground, the Christ-child in her lap, Mary kneeling (on the ground), the Christ-child in front of her, Mary sitting on the ground, the Christ-child sitting on her shoulder, Mary standing or resting on the earth, Naaman urges Elisha to accept some gifts, but Elisha refuses them; Naaman asks two mule-loads of earth, Repute, Renown; 'Splendore del nome' (Ripa), St. Francis of Assisi as protector against the plague: Christ (or a plague angel) is seen brandishing arrows from heaven; Francis protects the earth (in the form of a globe), the Virgin Mary intercedes, St. Peter Martyr is murdered (in a forest) by two assassins with a sword; with his blood he writes on the ground 'Credo in Deum' (usually a fellow friar is also attacked or murdered), Tellus, Maa, a bull's hide is cut into thin strips to cover as much land as possible, aineen olomuodot, at the Council of Seleucia, the earth rises under St. Hilary of Poitiers and forms a seat, at the oracle of Delphi Brutus kisses the earth in the presence of Tarquin's two sons, clearing the ground (~ building activities), contrast between urban and rural life; city dweller versus country dweller, death of Orion's daughters (Menippe and Metioche): at a time of pestilence at Thebes they slay themselves as a voluntary offering for the good of their country, death of Tarpeia: she is crushed under the shields of the Sabines, as punishment for betraying her country, death of Trophonius: he is swallowed up alive by the earth, disciples sell land, houses, etc., draining for land reclamation, earth (soil type), earth moving techniques (~ building activities), favourable reputation; artistic fame, fiktiiviset maat, flight of Amphiaraus; he is swallowed up by the earth, fluctuations of artistic reputation in the course of time, gas extracted from the ground, gathering of the waters below the firmament; dry land appears and produces all kinds of plants, geocentric theory (cosmology), grounds, fields and accomodations for sports, games and physical performances, gymnastic exercises on the ground, hallitus, valtiovalta, valtio; 'Politica', 'Auttorit... o Potest...' (Ripa), hunting-ground, land parcelling, land registry, land-clearing, reclamation, liikenne maalla, lying in state, maa (yhtenä neljästä elementistä), maa, maailma taivaallisena ruumiina, maaliikenne, liikenne maalla, maan ja hedelmällisyyden jumalat ~ elämä vuorilla ja metsissä, maan ja hedelmällisyyden jumalat ~ maanviljely, maan luominen ~ klassinen mytologia, maan uumenista nouseva peto (Antikristus, 666) ~ Johanneksen ilmestys, maiden, alueiden, vuorien, jokien, jne. maantieteelliset nimet, maps of separate countries or regions, nimekkäät, kuuluisat tai kunnioitetut miehet, sankarit, 'homines illustres', 'uomini famosi', no man's land, nukkuminen maassa, patriotismi, placing earth of Palestine in the coffin ~ Jewish burial, sitting on the ground, sitting on the ground, staking out the ground plan, syntymä, the Egyptians sell their land to buy corn; all the land becomes Pharaoh's property, save the land that belonged to the priests, the Trojans eat cakes of bread which they have used as platters; thus fulfilling the Harpy's prophecy; they hail their new fatherland, the consul C. Popilius Laenas, commissioned by the Roman senate to order Antiochus IV Epiphanes to abstain from war, with his staff draws a circle around the monarch and asks him not to go beyond it before answering, the country east of the Jordan is given to the tribes of Reuben, Gad and half of the tribe of Manasseh, the earth becomes barren because of Ceres' neglect, the earth formless and desolate, the ground opens and swallows the rebels Dathan and Abiram along with their families and possessions, tietyn kansan tai valtion personifikaatiot, tietyn kansan tai valtion symbolit, to take possession of ground ~ children's games, traitor to one's country, valtion symbolit (yleensä), violent death ~ earth, when Daniel looks in vain for minerals in trees, an angel comes to help him and points to the earth
nimi maa, maine, stater, valtio, valtiot
suppeampi käsite itämaat, kapitalistiset maat, kehitysmaat, kuningaskunnat, länsimaat, siirtomaat, sosialistiset maat, ydinaseettomat valtiot, ydinasevaltiot
vastaa keyword174341268999, maa, maine, valtio

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