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liittyy Abner in league with the elders of Israel, exhorting them to support David, Boaz, the kinsman, and the elders of the city discuss Elimelech's inheritance, David anointed king by the elders of Israel, David exhorts the elders to help Solomon to build the temple, David sees the avenging angel in Jerusalem; he and the elders are praying, in mourning garments, David sends a part of the spoils to the elders of Judah, God on his throne, surrounded by the twenty-four elders (wearing crowns and playing harps) and the four Beasts, God shows Ezekiel the idolatry of the elders and the women of Judah, Josiah summons the elders, the priests and all the people to the temple, Judith and her maidservant take leave of the elders at the city gate, Judith, the widow of Manasseh, speaks with the elders Ozias, Chabris and Charmis, Moses addressing the elders, Moses chooses seventy elders to assist him and places them round the Tabernacle; the spirit of God descends upon them, Moses tells the elders to stay behind and ascends Mount Sinai further with Joshua, Paul's farewell speech to the elders of Ephesus, Samuel is met by the elders of Bethlehem, who ask him why he has come to their town, Solomon addresses the elders, Susanna ja vanhukset (kertomus, jossa nuori Daniel puuttuu tapahtumiin Susannan hyväksi) (Danielin kirja 13), comprehensive representation of Last Judgement: Christ (with sword and lily), often surrounded by elders and sometimes accompanied by Mary and John the Baptist, appears in the sky with trumpeting angels (and sometimes angels holding the instruments of the Passion); after the resurrection of the dead the blessed are led to heaven by angels, and the damned are dragged into hell by devils, definitive acknowledgement of David's kingship, in Hebron, functionaries and dignitaries (with NAME) ~ Protestant churches, lack of water in Bethuliah; the people complain to the elders, the elders bribe the soldiers with money ~ Resurrection of Christ, the elders come before Samuel in Ramah, asking for a king, the elders mourn for the earlier temple ~ book of Ezra, the elders of Gilead search for Jephthah and ask him to be their captain, the elders of Succoth are punished with thorns and briars, the twenty-four Elders
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