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liittyy 'he who seeks finds ...' ~ doctrine of Christ on anxiety and precaution (Matthew 7:8; Luke 11:10), Achilles discovered among the daughters of Lycomedes, i.e. Achilles on Scyros: when presents are brought Achilles snatches up the weapons and thus betrays his identity, Adam and Eve discover the dead body of Abel and grieve over it, Christ found by his parents, Daniel, while praying on his knees before an open window, is discovered by the conspirators, David finds Ziklag burned, Delilah finds out Samson's secret and warns the Philistines, who come with the money, Eglon is found dead, Hecuba finds her dead son Polydorus on the sea-shore, Isis finds the body of her murdered husband Osiris and brings him back to life, Joseph's brothers, back in Canaan with Jacob, empty their sacks and each of them discovers a bag of money, Lucina recovers St. Sebastian's body from the Cloaca Maxima, Polyphemus, returning with his flocks, discovers the Greeks in his cave, Publius Clodius (Claudius) Pulcher, dressed as a woman, introduces himself into the house of Julius Caesar during an annual ceremony of Bona Dea, and is discovered, Romulus and Remus discover their origin, Samson finds a swarm of bees in the lion's body, Saul encamped on the hill of Hachilah; David's scouts discover Saul's encampment, Saul is found among the baggage, Saul's soldiers discover the decoy, St. Antony Abbot finds a nugget of gold in the desert, St. Rumbold's luminous body is discovered in the river, Teucer finds the dead Ajax, Uuden Testamentin mieshenkilöt ( ei raamatullisessa yhteydessä), Uuden Testamentin naishenkilöt (ei raamatullisessa yhteydessä), Vanhan Testamentin mieshenkilöt (ei raamatullisessa yhteydessä), after the wedding-night Jacob discovers that he has been deceived with Leah and complains to Laban, an exhausted Egyptian slave is found in the wilderness, at their camp one of Joseph's brothers finds money in his sack, death of Leucippus: Daphne and her companions discover Leucippus' disguise while bathing, and kill him, death of St. Mary of Egypt: her body is found in the desert by Zosimus; a lion helps him to dig her grave, digging for or finding of treasure, discovery of the dead St. Francis Xavier by natives of the Indies, discovery of the relics of Bartholomew, discovery of tomb, discovery, finding of witch ~ witch-hunt, female persons from the Old Testament (not in biblical context), finding a dead person, finding of dead or dying person, finding of the relics of St. Francis of Assisi by pope Nicholas V: the saint is seen standing in his tomb, upright, in habit, with the stigmata, gold is found in Palamedes' tent, hidden love discovered, hunajan keksiminen: Silenus löytää hunajakennon ontosta puusta, naispuoliset pyhimykset, on being detected in giving away bread to the poor, St. Di(a)dacus opens his habit, which is found to be full of roses, on his journey home from Jerusalem, the Provençal prince miraculously recovers his wife and their child on an island, pilgrims gather at the submarine chapel of St. Clement every year when the waters recede; a mother finds her child, left behind the previous year, safely asleep in the chapel, pyhimykset, recovery of the head of John the Baptist, searching and finding of runaway child, the Philistines find the bodies of Saul and his three sons, the bodies of St. Gervase and St. Protase are found, sometimes excavated, by St. Ambrose of Milan, the body of St. Florian is found by women and taken away on a cart, the book of Law is discovered ~ story of Josiah, the bride finds the bridegroom, the cup is found in Benjamin's sack, the daughters of Cecrops open the basket and discover the serpent-shaped child; possibly a crow (i.e. Coronis metamorphosed) looks on, the excavation of the body of St. Hubert in the church of Liège, the finding of Moses: Pharaoh's daughter comes to bathe with her maidens in the river and discovers the child floating on the water, the finding of Stephen's relics and their removal, the finding of the True Cross, the finding of the baby Augustus (Gaius Octavius): when his cradle is found empty, a search-party discovers the baby lying on the top of a lofty tower, his face turned towards the rising sun, the goods, stolen from the spoils of Jericho, are found buried in Achan's tent and brought to Joshua, the hermit Zosimus finds St. Mary of Egypt in the desert and gives her his cloak, the lost sheep sought and found by the shepherd ~ parable of the good shepherd (Matthew 18:12-14; Luke 15:4-7), the men of the city see the destroyed altar (story of Gideon), the miracle of the roses: St. Elisabeth's husband meets her in the street carrying bread in her apron to take to the poor; when he opens the apron he finds it full of roses, the miracle of the wooden chips: when St. Godeleva is caught carrying food in her dress for the poor, her apron appears to be full of woodchips, the murder on Holofernes is discovered (by Bagoas), the recovery of the axe-head: as one of the sons of the prophets is cutting a tree to build a new house for Elisha and his followers, his axe-head falls into the Jordan; Elisha makes the axe-head float by casting a stick into the water (2 Kings 6:1-7), the trick of the Gibeonites is found out; Joshua decrees that thenceforth they must be the servants of the Israelites, they must cut wood and carry water, tutkimusmatka, when the waters recede, the body of St. Clement is recovered in a submarine chapel built by angels, with the help of an angel, Eusebia finds the body and the head of St. Quintin in the river Somme
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